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Six Headlines Proving Brexit Not All Promised: “Have You Ever Feeled?”

More than five years after Britain voted to leave the EU by a small margin, many are still aware that Brexit has failed to meet Brexit’s promised reality.

As fuel shortages continue in some gasoline pumps, energy prices soar and natural gas shortages approach. Supermarket shelves remain empty, It’s not hard to blame the crisis of Brexit.

It’s important to note that Brexit is certainly a deteriorating factor, but other international issues are also involved.

Still, there are six ways people feel that Brexit’s promises are inadequate.

1. Food invoice creeps up

Before Brexit: The front page on October 18, 2016 promises “cheap food after Brexit”.

The article goes on: “Economic experts said a break from the EU would pay for the fall of food.”

After Brexit: The front page of October 11, 2021 says: Severe warnings get used to higher food costs. “

The article continues: “Shoppers received a sharp awakening call yesterday over rising food prices.”

The Best For Britain Twitter account also includes four other examples of how the times have changed since the UK left the EU.

2. The future of agriculture

Before Brexit: An article on published on March 21, 2017 states, “The idea that agriculture will collapse after Brexit is ridiculous.”

After Brexit: Another heading on, published June 22, 2021, states:

3. Fishing war

Before Brexit: The 2016 heading says:

After Brexit: The March 2021 heading says: When a British company goes bankrupt and exporters flee to the EU, fishing collapses. “

4. Increased mobile roaming charges

Before Brexit: The October 2016 heading for says:

After Brexit: Another heading for March 2021 states:


Heading from the sun

5. Gas bills soar

Before Brexit: In a Sun Online exclusive article from then-Mayor of London Boris Johnson in May 2016, “The EU will never be believed. If Britain supports Brexit, Boris promises cheaper household gas bills. increase”

After Brexit: The October 2021 Sun Online heading says:Gastastrof: Why is your gas bill going soaring, and what can you do about it? “


2018 and 2021 sun headings

6. NHS is struggling

Before Brexit: The June 2018 Sun Online heading says: Earn an additional £ 384m a week – It’s more than a Brexit battle bus. “

After Brexit: The July 2021 Sun Online heading says:

Six Headlines Proving Brexit Not All Promised: “Have You Ever Feeled?”

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