Slotxo : The fastest growing Casino Market in Thailand

The world’s economic has been slumped since the breakout of the Pandemic starting from the 1st quarter of 2020.  However, we could see a collateral benefits of the events and we know that they were medical market and health business. However, one of the highest growth industry has been Casino market which led by Slotxo branded sites.

Online Slot by Slotxo Websites

Asking a middle-age Thais especially male, more than half of the population in this country love to gamble.  The businesses of this kind have been in a “grey area” where local needs to know where to find the hidden casino to play.

When the hitting of the internet has emerged the online gambling market, there was a growth in high demand from online betting and at that point of time, Slotxo was born with the easiest way to play and all the local need are a unit of smartphone and a decent internet connection.

The history of Slotxo in Thailand was quite simple, someone knew there were online slot demand in the market, and they would just come up with the branded slot games and that how it started.

According to management team, Slotxo was firstly introduced in Thailand in 2016 when smartphone and the data transfer cost became cheaper than in the past.  Offline players (who normal went to a hidden physical casino) started to feel comfortable using smartphone to play them all online.  Then, the words of mouth spread quickly with a lot of help from online community through social media.

Covid-19 pumping up the trend

Lockdown, stay home, social distancing?  No problem.  Slotxo has been operating its businesses by using “online only” strategy where it came about the most perfect time of online banking and E-wallet in Thailand of which has been utilized as one of the greatest advantage points of transferring and receiving real cash from the brand.

Boredom, thrill seeker with a bit of drip from the sweetest point from online casino especially with over 150+ themed online slot games from Slotxo, making it one of the best tools to kill boredom and for some, it is the way to get some sideline cash by winning, beating the games.

According to the same source, Thailand was being lockdown for about 6-7 months straight in 2020, and about 2-3 months in 2021.  That’s how Slotxo growth rate lay on this foundation, and it was a brilliant luck.


When we’re trying to enjoy something, we don’t do math equation of course.  The best way to have a stress-relieved moment is to play games that we don’t have to use too much of the calculations.  Slotxo games are coincidentally one of the ways.  All players only have to do as followed:

  1. Visit
  2. Register and deposit using Truemoney or wire
  3. Choose the game and start to spin
  4. Enjoy the game
  5. Win / Lose

As of now, there are about 30+ Millions of Slotxo accounts registered through Slotxo with direct site like  From the speculations, provided there is another lockdown in Thailand.  We could see a non-speed bump growth again next year in 2022.



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