Snow and cold bring parts of the UK to a standstill

The UK has already endured a week of frigid temperatures, with lows expected to drop further below freezing. Level 3 cold weather warning It will take place in most of England until Friday. Officials are urging people to check in with vulnerable friends and family so they can get hot food and drinks and heat their homes.

Oliver Claydon A Met Office spokesman said 7 centimeters (2.7 inches) of snow had been recorded in Essex County, northeast London, and 4 centimeters (about an inch and a half) in East Sussex, southeast England.

Mr Claydon said the sleet and snow will gradually abate in the South East of England. “It will continue to be cold tomorrow, and frost and fog will remain here and there.”

Due to the prolonged cold wave, the energy supply is further squeezed. National Grid, which runs Britain’s electricity system, said in a statement it had warmed up two emergency coal-fired power plants to “gain public confidence in its energy supply on Monday”. I canceled the launch notification later on Monday.

About 40 people who had to abandon their cars because of the snow spent the night in a pub in the English village of Burwash, about 80km southeast of London. Pauline Wilson, the landlady of the Bear Inn, a pub and hotel, put mattresses and blankets on her floor, she said.

About 15 people checked into the hotel room, including three women who had just shared the room. Others stuck slept on chairs, on the floor, in front of the fireplace. Two couples who just met shared a duvet cover, she said.

In the morning, Ms. Wilson prepared tea and coffee for her guests, and people ate cookies.

“I’ve lived in this village all my life, but I’ve never seen anything like this in December.” Snow and cold bring parts of the UK to a standstill

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