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SNP makes Scotland poorer, Struan Stevenson

Nicola Sturgeon’s ridiculous claim that the British government is about to make in her recent attempt to win the promotional war Scotland Poor people need to take biscuits. “By making us poor, we will say we cannot afford to be independent,” the Prime Minister said at the SNP’s annual meeting in September.

Her allegations are particularly ridiculous after British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak invested £ 19 billion in layoff payments and subsidies during the pandemic. More than a million jobs in Scotland were protected by the support, but could not be achieved if they voted independently in 2014. Also, the bankrupt independent Scotland could not even pay for the highly successful vaccination program that was deployed throughout the UK.

Ms. Sturgeon does not need help from the British government to make Scotland poor. She is doing it herself well. 14 Years Incompetent SNP Government Leaves Scotland jobs And the industry’s embarrassment. The recent blunders over our dilapidated ferry service go far beyond the realm of satire. Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL), which procures new ferries on behalf of the SNP government, has decided to grant a £ 100 million contract to foreign shipyards for two new vessels servicing Islay and Jura. bottom.

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CMAL rejected a bid from Ferguson Marine, a Port Glasgow shipyard controversial by the SNP government in 2019. It should have already been completed and delivered, more than double the original estimated £ 97m cost and running five years behind schedule. The disastrous lack of SNPs in nationalized shipyard plans will cost Scotland hundreds of skilled jobs.

Sadly, if it weren’t just the tip of a very large iceberg, Ferguson Marine would be a good enough example of the SNP government’s unmanageable business and industrial strategy. At the request of Nicola Sturgeon, when she was Deputy Prime Minister, the SNP government purchased the sick Prestwick Airport in 2013 for £ 1 for a referendum on independence in 2014.

Since then, Ms. Sturgeon and her team have sunk more than £ 45 million in taxpayer money into a struggling building, with a huge £ 187,000 to three senior managers at the airport within days of the acquisition. I even agreed to give a bonus. Prestwick’s small income from U.S. military aircraft refueling on its return from Afghanistan would now have ceased following Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw from the “eternal war.” Prestwick’s blunder heralds SNP’s plans to nationalize Scott Rail.

There was even greater economic controversy, including the lack of business flair for SNPs, such as Burntisland Fabrications (BiFAB) and, surprisingly, the Lochaber Aluminum Smelter.

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Ms. Sturgeon and her ministers were sucked into the struggling Fort William Smelter in Lough Arbor in 2016 and, with the help of the now-disappearing financial services company, wiped out similar businesses around the world. He poured the taxpayer’s cash into the hands of the millionaire Sanjeb Gupta. , Greensill Capital.

The SNP government says Scotland taxpayers could face hundreds of millions of pounds as Sanjeev Gupta guarantees a staggering £ 575m and his empire is currently facing serious financial problems. There is sex.

SNP’s Net Zero, Energy, despite a “green deal” with the Greens and a promise to reduce Scotland’s carbon dioxide emissions to Net Zero by 2045 at the latest. shippingIn September did an embarrassing job of unplugging his party’s flagship proposal to set up a state-owned energy company.

The initial pledge was overwhelmed at the party’s annual meeting in 2017 and promised to provide Scottish people with low-cost electricity generated from green, renewable energy. It was a myth. The addition of two extremist ministers as part of a coalition agreement with Greens means that Scotland is looking forward to the devastation of its unique landscape due to the doubling of onshore wind farms and destroying the tourism sector. .. However, the Scottish tourism and hospitality industry is not far enough from the strict controls of Nicola Sturgeon during the lockdown, clearly demonstrating her little knowledge and consideration of tourism and hospitality.

Currently, Scottish public spending watchdog warns that it will face major economic fluctuations in the coming months. Audit Scotland, a public agency tasked with monitoring government spending, works closely with the UK, Scottish and local governments to minimize disruption to individuals, public institutions and services. Said it was essential.

“Most of the Scottish government spending on Covid-19 in 2020/21 was funded by Barnett’s results from the UK government,” Audit Scotland said. “Spending will be available in the coming years.” Their report is the Scottish Government’s Annual Report on Revenues and Expenditures (GERS), which will raise £ 62.8 billion by taxation and other revenues in 2020/21 by Scotland. He highlighted the findings of the SNP Government’s own economic experts, outlining how it was procured. Public spending by the SNP government reached £ 99.2 billion, leaving a deficit of £ 36.3 billion. This deficit had to be filled by financial transfers, including pooling and sharing of financial resources with other parts of the UK.

The Institute for Government (IfG), now a major think tank, says independent Scotland faces “difficult economic choices” and will face significant cuts in public spending or significant tax increases over the years. I am.

Far from trying to make Scotland poor, the opposite is true, and our prime minister’s fearful attempt at the project is an ironic effort to disguise her own negligence in Scotland. I have made it clear. Economy And attachment to independence.

Her panic call to British troops to support Scotland’s poor ambulance service must be the last humiliation for this dire government. The evidence is horribly clear. SNP’s diligent attitude towards cash and a complete lack of business expertise prove that they are ineligible for government and quickly lead independent Scotland into a spiral of economic decline and bankruptcy. increase.

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SNP makes Scotland poorer, Struan Stevenson

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