Soccer is still a win, and Emma Hayes embodies that idea in Chelsea.

Let’s start with a confession: I’m a terrible loser. As an international soccer player, this has its advantages. This is exactly the continuation of this competition, and I think this willingness to win has always guided me in my career so far.

The downside, however, is the feeling you get when you Chelsea, By last weekend, he had been undefeated in 33 WSL games, but his 2-1 loss to Brighton on Sunday reaffirmed his terrible helplessness. I want to play the game as soon as the last whistle sounds. Again, but it’s gone.

When I was young, I was really defeating myself about defeat. To make matters worse, as a defender, I felt personally responsible for the goals I had scored. I still feel that way, and on Sunday night I sat down and looked back at the whole match.The difference now is what you see in Pernille [Harder], I can bounce ideas from her and the process is not so destructive.

As a team, we had a good meeting on Monday. There, the coaches gave their views, and the players discussed what we felt was better and parked there. I came on Tuesday and wasn’t told anything else.

The ability to shift this focus is very important in sports, as shown by winning large matches. Arsenal Wednesday is 3-0.

It wasn’t about beautiful football. We wanted to win it terribly. I can give an example of Erin Cuthbert coming in midfield and soon making some really important blocks out of our box. Our coach, Emma Hayes, demanded a reaction and the message was clear: “We’re back.”

One of our strengths as a team is our ability to deal with setbacks, especially in-game. During our undefeated run, we often achieved our slow goals.

Chelsea dressing room is full of competitive leaders (Photo: Reuters)

Our victory Manchester city At last month’s Continental Cup, he proved he won 2-1 in the 90th minute and 4-2. He scored a goal in the 86th minute at Arsenal in November, but took the equalizer at the stop time. Hopefully Sunday’s defeat was a wake-up call to show us that this isn’t done automatically in every game.

Another advantage of Chelsea is that there are so many leaders while I am the captain. Sophie Ingle, Maren Myelde, Samker, Pernil and Melanie Leupolz are all captains of the national team, so it’s not just one or two players driving the standard.

It’s interesting because there’s no culture of players yelling at each other, but rather it’s trying to get approval because it has a warm, kind and calm dressing room. At the same time, it’s like flicking a switch when we start the competition. We set foot on the pitch and we are all mad – in a good way, of course!

Emma Hayes really pushes this aspect like training. Even if it’s a possession game, there’s always a competitive element and someone keeps the score. This is a major factor in creating our victorious spirit. If your team loses training, she’s not afraid to talk to you – and ask what you’re trying to do about it. She likes to see the fire in us.

Before Emma, ​​there were only Scandinavian coaches, but they were so process-driven that it’s a very different approach. It was about the process, not the end result.

Sweden has the concept of Jante Gen (Jante’s Law), which defines our culture in different ways. It means that people adhere to and support our egalitarian view of society, and we hate talking about ambition and success.

But when it comes to football, I’ve always found it ridiculous. It’s clear that we’re competing for the biggest prize, so why not say that? In this sense, I like Emma being very clear about her ultimate goal.

When I first came to the club in 2017, she talked about her ultimate goal was to win the Champions League. It may not have been realistic at the time, but as she advanced to the semi-finals of the season, she showed that her great strength was her ability to make you believe in her message.

She believes in her words and convinces you. She is also very good at challenging people. She doesn’t wrap us in blankets, but she wants to accept the pressure of being a top team, the pressure of always winning. She is not afraid to put that pressure on us and accepts it for herself as well. Like Emma, ​​I consider this kind of pressure a privilege – and it certainly defeats that lost emotion.

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Soccer is still a win, and Emma Hayes embodies that idea in Chelsea.

Source link Soccer is still a win, and Emma Hayes embodies that idea in Chelsea.

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