Solar technology cuts swimming pool heating costs to zero in energy-saving pilot scheme

Frances Marcellin August 5, 2022

In a pilot project by Everyone Active and Bristol City Council, Easton Leisure Center installed 800 solar tubes to reduce pool heating costs / Easton Leisure Center

The UK’s Easton Leisure Center has announced it will cut heating costs by 100% for its 25-metre swimming pool this summer.

Leading a pilot project set up by Bristol City Council and Everyone Active, 800 solar tubes were installed on the roof in May. It cost him £89,000. This has completely reduced energy costs during long hours of sunshine.

A typical leisure center emits about 500 tons of carbon dioxide each year, according to the council, and the new system will prevent about 13 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere over a 12-month period.

High energy prices combined with the urgent need to reduce fossil fuel consumption has led Bristol City Council to spearhead this campaign to keep the pool open to the public and plans to deploy it elsewhere.

By integrating solar technology, leisure centers can save up to 60% on energy costs for heating water and up to 35% on heating space. The tubes absorb the sun’s energy and are transferred to the site’s existing hot water storage by heat collectors. Easton’s system used to run on gas, but new technology now allows it to shut off when enough energy is generated.

“We haven’t used gas to heat the main pool water since the system was installed,” says GM Noel Hickman. “We expect to be on gas again at some point later in the year as the days get shorter, but the heat from the roof is still there, so gas will be reduced.”

The solar tubes were installed by Solarsense. Founder and MD Stephen Barrett says the technology has been used in smaller facilities, but has so far been underutilized in larger facilities such as leisure centres, in the UK.

“It has the ability to make a lasting and very strong difference, reducing energy bills even in the darkest winter months when solar supplies can replenish with gas,” he says. It may pay off many times in between.

“With gas prices at record levels, the payback period will be shorter than before, and if initial costs are covered, the savings will continue over the life of the system, which is estimated at around 20 years.”

Easton Leisure Center’s calculations show a savings of 6 pence per kwh for every hour the solar technology is on, which is on track against estimates. The main pool measures 25m x 13m with a surface area of ​​325 square meters and a pool volume of 487.5 cubic meters.

solar sense to use T* Sol Software that uses data from your local weather station to calculate the amount of gas you can expect to save and heat generated in a year.

The T*Sol report automatically calculates CO2 savings from reduced gas usage.

Kai Dad, Bristol City Council Minister for Climate, Ecology, Waste and Energy, said: “Everyone Active is now working closely with Bristol City Council to find more innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Recent findings from UK Active Survey Nearly a third of public sector facilities indicated that their energy costs would increase by 150% in 2022 and 185% in 2023 compared to 2021. They will be forced to shut down completely in the coming months, and that number will increase to 85% in the next 12 months.

A new coalition of UK Active, Swim England, Local Government Association, Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association (CLOA), CIMSPA, District Councils’ Network (DCN) and Community Leisure UK (CLUK) recently , the UK government asks for financial support.

Huw Edwards, CEO of UK Active, said: Governments need to act. Otherwise, these important facilities will start disappearing from our communities. ”

Solar technology requires an investment of £89,000 and also saves about 13 tonnes of CO2 per year / solar sense

Solar technology cuts swimming pool heating costs to zero in energy-saving pilot scheme

Source link Solar technology cuts swimming pool heating costs to zero in energy-saving pilot scheme

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