Son who brought zip ties to Senate convicted in 1/6 riot

a Tennessee A man and his mother were convicted Tuesday of storming the Capitol and bringing in plastic zip ties handcuffs. Senate The gallery as the mob attacked the building, according to court records.

U.S. District Judge Lois Lamberth has found Eric Manchell and his mother, Lisa Eisenhart, guilty of all ten counts on the indictment. Joe BidenVictory in the 2020 elections on January 6, 2021. The judge said he plans to give judgment on both sides on September 8th.

Lamberth decided the case without a jury after a “regular bench trial.” This is an unusual legal proceeding in which the defendant does not plead guilty to the charges and agrees with the prosecutor’s opinion that certain facts are true. At least 30 Capitol Riot defendants have settled their cases that way, rather than opting for a traditional trial or pleading guilty, so that the defendants retain their right to appeal.

The pair’s jury trial was scheduled to begin last week. An email seeking comment was sent to attorneys on Tuesday.

Manchell, 32, of Nashville, Tennessee, worked in a restaurant. Eisenhart, 59, of Woodstock, Georgia, has worked as a traveling nurse.

On January 6th they attended the then president donald trump‘Stop Theft’ rally before joining the crowd marching towards the Capitol. Both were wearing tactical vests. Manchell had a stun gun hanging from his right hip.

After grabbing onto the plastic handcuffs they found inside the Capitol, Manchell and Eisenhart entered the gallery above the Senate Chamber and stepped over the railing that separates parts of the gallery. Eisenhart said, “Rebellion! Rebellion!”

In his February 2021 ruling, the judge said Manchell “willingly” entered the Capitol with a dangerous weapon, a stun gun, during the riots.

“By word and deed, Manchell has supported the violent overthrow of the U.S. government. He poses a clear danger to our republic,” Lamberth wrote.

In the aftermath of the riot, Eisenhart told a London newspaper, “I would rather die as a 57-year-old woman than live under oppression.”

“I’d rather die, I’d rather fight,” she added, according to the judge’s ruling.

Eisenhart also claimed to have taken plastic handcuffs to keep him away from “bad guys,” the judge noted.

More than 1,000 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the deadly Jan. 6 riots. More than 600 of them have pleaded guilty or been convicted after trials decided by a jury or judge. More than 450 of them have been convicted, more than half of whom he has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Son who brought zip ties to Senate convicted in 1/6 riot

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