Southern Comfort: Bentley Continental on the English Riviera

However, the advantages are not related to being convertible, but to being Bentley. Of course, there are plenty of glossy switches and dials, all of which help create a glossy luxury veneer. But they also serve as almost distracting, as if they were deeper and masked the lack of designed quality. But that’s not the case. On the contrary, the real appeal of this car is impressive in all such respects, but it has little to do with how it looks, performs, or sounds. That’s how it feels. It had its profound profoundness, solidity, and the sense of an engineering team that reached a point where it didn’t need to go any further, and went on almost unnoticed.

When you create a Bentley tagline, it’s like “the art of overengineering.” Because that’s what Bentley should be. Luxury for me is best expressed not by the amount of small items that the car can carry, but by the sense of strength of deep and structural integrity that cannot be synthesized.

And I think that’s why the car enjoyed the warm welcome on the English Riviera. They didn’t look at the dilapidated Dok in the flash car, they seemed to look at something in Britain with obvious and profound quality. Something eager to crave more than jealousy. In short, something you’re proud of. We should be the Riviera. It may be a little faded, a little sloppy, and aiming for a position quite different from the French market of the same name, but it’s not stuffy, you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy lunch, The coastline between the towns is really beautiful.

After all these years, I think Grandma understands what she saw there.

Southern Comfort: Bentley Continental on the English Riviera

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