Southwest PE company LDC has completed three deals with a total of £ 280m worth of companies

The Southwest and Wales team of LDC, the UK’s leading private equity firm in the midmarket, completed three transactions in the first half of 2021 with a combined corporate value of over £ 280m.

Hybrid, a digital media company headquartered in Bristol, has chosen to partner with LDC to support its acquired growth strategy. This business helps higher education institutions around the world create differentiated brands and campaigns. LDC has invested £ 13m to support the future growth of the business.

Lloyds Banking Group’s private equity division, LDC, also led an investment in Sohonet, London, a leading international provider of connectivity and software for the media and entertainment industry. The LDC partnership helps existing management develop its international growth strategy further and seek complementary acquisitions.

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LDC, which promised to invest £ 1.2 billion in a mid-sized company in the UK over the next three years, also closed its investment in Gloucester-based ADEY in February. Private-equity firms assisted water treatment specialists in 2016 to support domestic and international expansion. By the end of the four-and-a-half-year partnership, ADEY had expanded to China, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to 19 European countries.

The deal is facing a difficult time for businesses everywhere, where LDC works closely with the portfolio company’s management team to provide the support needed to help them position themselves for strengthening and growing their business. I will.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, private equity firms have provided more than £ 100m nationwide to strengthen the portfolio of 90 strong UK mid-sized companies in 12 regions.

Over the past six months, LDC has helped portfolio companies expand to Southwest and Wales, including WCCTV, the award-winning Queens mobile surveillance business that has opened a new office in Newport.

In April, Zip World launched Zip World Tower, a new site in South Wales, the company’s fourth adventure destination. LDC also supported Away Resort to acquire Cornish Resort’s St. Ives Bay Holiday Park in March.

LDC also continues to support key community activities through its national partnership with The Prince’s Trust, Break the Cycle 2021: Bristol Sport Foundation and Bristol Bears Community Foundation’s largest annual fundraiser. I will. An organization that helps motivate people through sports activities. This year’s initiative has raised over £ 30,000.

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Dewi Hughes, Head of LDCs in Southwest and Wales, emphasized that the unique strengths of the local business community will create significant growth and investment opportunities for SMEs next year.

He states: “In the last six months, trust businesses in the Southwest and Wales have increased as we exit the pandemic.

“While the entire business community is facing challenges, we are very impressed with the rapid adaptation of management teams across the region and now driving growth again, and we support them. I am ready.

“We are always looking for ambitious business leaders who are taking that step forward and seeking additional assistance in achieving their growth plans.

“Capital to help Southwest and Welsh management demonstrate their ambitions through a nationwide effort to invest £ 1.2 billion over the next three years, including acquisitions of competitors, overseas expansion and development of new products and services. And have expertise. To life. “

Southwest PE company LDC has completed three deals with a total of £ 280m worth of companies

Source link Southwest PE company LDC has completed three deals with a total of £ 280m worth of companies

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