SS22 catwalk shoes for women

Trendstop provides FashionUnited readers with insights into the direction of the major shoes that will emerge on the 2022 Spring / Summer runway.

The footwear design takes a hybrid approach, easily blending multiple trend elements and techniques to create a fresh and exciting style. With the aim of making a statement, proportions have been expanded, exaggerated, or brought to new heights, with intelligent use of colors, interesting details, and always emphasized with comfort and functionality in mind.

Global fashion flat form

Sport-inspired comfort meets global craftsmanship with a playful return on the platform. A profile that naturally helps the global artisan trend, the raised flat foam unit is infused with positive elements of fashion throughout the colors and details, enhancing handmade or recycled materials and structures.

Raft sole

Perhaps you’re riffing the idea of ​​navigating a rippling body of water, but the ultra-wide, lifelike raft-like soles look like you can walk on the water. Exaggerated proportions, wrap, stretch, or spread away from your feet. The inner socks and sandwich sole are decorated with high octane pops to give a playful yet comfortable impression.

Sports stomp

The trend of stomp boots is evolving in a new direction inspired by sports. The chunky profile and all-black finish refer to a rebellious subculture dressing, but with an active twist incorporating sportswear zippers and molded sneaker-style units. Lightweight leather and foam sole construction extend the life of the trend to the spring / summer season.

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SS22 catwalk shoes for women

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