Stacy Solomon cried for miscarriage “several times” a year before her baby was happy

Stacy Solomon realized that she was suffering from “some” tragic miscarriages in a year before revealing her baby’s joy.

Loose Women’s star announced Wednesday night that he was hoping for “another pickle” with his fiancé Joe Swash.

But Stacy, 13-year-old eldest son Zack and 9-year-old Layton, and Joe and 2-year-old Rex, admitted that her announcement was nervous about targeting another child “for a really long time.”

She shared the happy news on Instagram by sharing family photos, including baby scans.

The 31-year-old shared a montage video on her Instagram story and wrote: “Sorry, I was very quiet … but we are excited to share with you … I am very nervous for many reasons.”

She then posted a video of a negative pregnancy test and a form labeled “Complete Miscarriage,” adding:

“We have decided that we are already very lucky to have our boy.

“It is the greatest privilege of our lives and we are very grateful to be our parents.

She continued to share intimate observations of the moment she finally went to the scan, and the couple “very grateful to hear the extra heartbeat in my tummy,” she said.

Now, after a flood of messages from fans, Stacy became even more open about her tragic loss.

In an Instagram Q & A, fans wrote: “Thank you for sharing your previous defeat. I have experienced it and you give me hope.”

Stacy responded by saying: “Many people are sending a message to this. Knowing that so many people have had similar experiences somehow makes me feel less lonely, so in a way very comfortable …

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“But it’s also sad, because you know that what you say and do doesn’t compromise how tired and tragic those experiences are.

“I am very grateful for your thoughts.”

She went on to explain: “I had a little experience last year, but it’s very sinking (when I read many other experiences, a year isn’t long).

Stacy opens the door to fans on Instagram

“Many of you have worked hard for years. If you can, and if you want, keep going.

“But to be honest, it’s sad. Go back to the moon and love you.”

Stacy admitted “sobbing” after publishing the news to millions of followers.

Stacy Solomon cried for miscarriage "several times" a year before her baby was happy

Source link Stacy Solomon cried for miscarriage "several times" a year before her baby was happy

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