Stacy Solomon proudly shows off her maturity naked bumps as childbirth approaches

Stacy Solomon When she came to the end of her pregnancy, she shared a lovely snap showing off her beautiful baby ridge.

NS Loose woman The 31-year-old star posted a photo to commemorate the happy moment of 37 weeks.

The three mothers posed in a pink and flower nursery for an unborn little girl who decorated herself before she was born.

In the background, the walls were covered with thousands of small pink and white throat flowers, surrounded by a large French white mirror in the middle.

Stacy Solomon showed off a blooming baby bump when she marked 37 weeks gestation in her latest Instagram post.

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Stacy also added a blushing velvet armchair to the room with traditional style cushions on top. There is also a curtain hanging from the ceiling in the corner.

“37 With our little heavenly ball,” Stacy captioned the spouting post.

“I can’t wait to see you soon …

“And take you home to Pickle Cottage.”

Stacy Solomon
Stacy Solomon had a beautiful baby shower organized by her sister Jema

The beauty of reddish-brown hair then joked “Spot Joe” as her fans could see the fiancée of the star Joe swash Take a picture from the background.

Recently, Stacy Opened about having “Scammer Syndrome” in her stunning homeI chose to wear a white knit jumper with small flowers embroidered to fit the baby’s room and pair it with ribbed pink leggings.

Her ridges are now in full bloom and the presenter is over the moon to reach the maturity of her pregnancy.

Friends and fans shared their support for the star with reference to the comments.

Stacy Solomon opened up about what she has for her fans "Impostor syndrome" In her recent Instagram post
Stacy Solomon opened the door to fans about “impostor syndrome” in a recent Instagram post.

Mollie King writes: “Beautiful and happy photos.”

“Pickle cottages sound like heaven,” said Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson.

Later, a leading figure in another family cheekyly decided to guess the baby’s birthday, suggesting that Stacy would give birth at the end of this month.

“I’m guessing the date! September 25th!” Miss Greedy’s house was declared.

It comes as Stacy has Ready for autumn and started changing her beloved home, As the author of Tap to Tidy started sharing her latest design tips

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Stacy Solomon proudly shows off her maturity naked bumps as childbirth approaches

Source link Stacy Solomon proudly shows off her maturity naked bumps as childbirth approaches

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