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St Mary’s Colchester

Nicola Griffith

St Mary’s Colchester He appointed Nicola Griffith as principal and succeeded Hillary Vipon. Griffith, currently Deputy Principal of Ipswich High School, will take office in September 2021. Griffith describes her new role as follows: Put the needs of individual girls at the forefront of everything it does. We also look forward to working with the school community to continue Hillary’s great work over the next few years. Vipond worked for St. Mary’s Colchester for 25 years.

Badminton school

Mike Waymouth

Badminton school Michael Weymouth has been appointed Director of Finance and Operations and has been in force since July 2021. Weymouth joined badminton after a long military career, but has spent most of the last decade in educational roles, including the Deputy Commander of the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces of Sandhurst. Director within the British Academy of Defense. Weymouth also brings commercial and strategic experience from the Department of Defense, in addition to a Master’s degree from Cranfield University and a Diploma in Strategic Direction and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute.

Alvin School

Stephen Horseman

Alvin School Stefan Horsman has been appointed as the new principal. Horseman, now Vice-Principal of Robert Gordon’s College High School, will take office in April 2021. Regarding his appointment, Horseman said: A seamless 13-year educational journey without pastoral or academic interruptions. The genuine warmth of the school community and the feelings of the family are shining. Horsman said he intends to “allow staff to take the lead in change” when faced with challenges.

Ballad school

Matthew Higgins

Ballad school Welcomed the new Vice-President Matthew Higgins, who plays an important role in promoting a new blended learning approach to education. Higgins works with the principal, treasurer, and vice-principal to lead the academic side of the school. He has recently been an assistant head at Magna Academy (school-wide evaluation and digital strategy) and previously played roles at independent schools Brighton Girls and St. John’s College. Higgins said he designed a “widely balanced” curriculum that further enhances skills such as “communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.”

Denstone College

Lotte Tarock

Denstone College Lotte Talock was appointed as the head and came into effect in September 2021. Currently, Tarock is Deputy Head of Sedberg School and a member of Caston’s Senior Leadership Team at Sedberg Preparatory School. Tallock was awarded the Moreheadkine Scholarship at the University of North Carolina, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She holds a PGCE in Secondary Education from the University of Buckingham and a Master of Business Administration (MBA Education) from Kiel. She has a wealth of international experience and is passionate about British schools as a center of education.

Sherborne School

Alex pearson

Sherborne School We welcomed Alex Pearson as a new housewife in the boarding house The Green. Pearson is a professional historian with a prestigious honors degree from the University of Manchester. She became the head of a fourth-year boys’ school in northern London, then became an idyllic leader in a free school, and in the process earned a master’s degree in education leadership. She has been a tutor at The Green since 2018 and has built good relationships with her students. Pearson said she and her team “share a commitment to student well-being” and strive to keep Green a place of “intellectual vibrancy” and “kindness.”

Staff Appointment: May 2021-Today’s Independent Education

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