Staff shortage threatens restaurant reopening


The restaurant is having a hard time finding staff ahead of the reopening of indoor hospitality next month, as about one in ten UK hospitality workers left the sector last year.

The combination of blockade and Brexit is believed to be due to the quitting of work by thousands of restaurant staff.

After April 12th, restaurants and bars are allowed to eat and drink outdoors, but indoor dining will resume on May 17th. A shortage of staff can mean that some companies cannot fully open.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of employees at hospitality in February was 355,000 less than the previous year.

Young workers have experienced the largest employment decline in this area. 78% of those who quit their salaries were under the age of 35, and more than half of them unemployed were under the age of 25.

Neil Pattison, director of the hospitality sector job site, told the BBC: Hospitality industry.

“But the combination of pandemic impacts and Brexit can pose significant recruitment challenges to this sector, and the skills shortages we once faced can begin to recur.” has seen a surge of over 85% in the number of vacancies posted on its site in the past few weeks and is currently promoting 22,000 roles.

Recruitment is a “growing problem” among companies in this sector, more serious among regions such as London and several roles, including chefs, said Kate Nicholls, CEO of the UK hospitality trade association. I said there is.

She urged the government to lift Covid-19 restrictions from June 21 and stick to its commitment to expand support for this sector.

“The ability to reopen the hospitality business remains largely hampered until the government can fulfill its commitment to withdraw Covid’s restrictions and legal requirements for action on June 21. Still, it is numerous. Companies face rent debt and business billing, threatening many companies and thousands of jobs after more than a year of few transactions, unless further support is provided I’m on the verge.

“After the June 21st date, the employer’s furlough contribution can also push the company to the limit. Combined with a long-term training plan, additional support for the job is essential.”

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Staff shortage threatens restaurant reopening

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