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Starmer faces backlash from unions and MPs after Tally’s dismissal on strike

The major trade unions are Labor Party Later “more and more unrelated to ordinary working people” Frontbencher fired After joining the picket line to support the strike.

The criticism of Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham was one of a series of attacks from the next union boss. Keir StarmerDelete Sam TallyMinister of Transport Shadow.

Tally appeared in a demonstration on Wednesday morning, standing side by side with a striking worker at London Euston Station, challenging Starmer’s authority.

Approximately 40,000 members of the RMT union of railroad workers Perform another strike Wednesday, controversy over changes in working conditions, wages and unemployment.

Starmer said on Tuesday that the opposition Labor Party needs to be “a powerful Labor Party and the government will not picket.”

A party spokesman said Tally wasn’t fired because he was standing on the picket line, but he didn’t appear on television without permission and talk to “the agreed front bench position.”

Nonetheless, this decision has sparked anger from some Labor lawmakers and trade unions that fund the party. After Boris Johnson is dismissed as a leader, the Conservative Party is also dismissed, creating a potential civil war.

Labor vice leader Angela Rayner’s ally, Tally, told LBC that she was “absolutely angry” about the dismissal after being called by seven union secretaries and is currently on a “direct clash with Labor” course. rice field.

Unite’s general secretary Graham described the dismissal as “another insult to the trade union movement.”

Graham said:

“Frankly, you can laugh if it’s not too serious.

“When people are facing a crisis of living costs, and on the day the Conservative government launches a new wave of attacks on workers’ rights, the Labor Party has chosen to indulge in an old faction war.

“Labor is becoming more and more irrelevant to ordinary workers in distress. A boy’s attack on trade union members has nothing to do with furthering the outlook for workers’ power. right.”

Manuel Cortez, secretary general of the Transport Salary Association (TSSA), said the union was “ashamed” of the Labor Party and suggested that it was “misleading” to think it could defeat the Conservative Party without the support of its members. did.

Cortez said: “Labor needs to wake up and smell coffee.

“If they think they can win the next general election while pushing away 7 million union members, they will be confused.

“We expect an attack from the Tories. We do not expect an attack from our own party.

“As a Labor member union, our union is ashamed of the actions of the Labor Party leadership and the anti-worker anti-union message it sends.”

Cortez attacked Starmer directly, adding that if he couldn’t understand the “basic concept of solidarity,” the party was “not worth leading.”

RMT boss Mick Lynch told Times Radio that workers “can only regain their traditional center if they can identify the needs of working class people and their campaigns.” rice field.

He also attacked Labor leaders and accused Starmer of “in favor of Liz Truss and the right-wing press agenda.”

Lynch said: “I think (it) is a little angry. I think many Labor members, union activists, and people are looking for change.”

“If[Starmer]can’t identify it, he doesn’t have a chance to regain those seats, so he doesn’t have a chance to become prime minister,” he added.

Fellow frontbenchers Kate Osborne and Paula Barker also challenged Starmer’s authority by joining Piqueline, and Labor lawmakers on the left side of the party tweeted support after Tally’s dismissal.

“This must be the first Labor member to be removed from his front bench position to join the union’s picket line to assist workers,” tweeted John McDonnell.

Kate Osamor said: Labor exists to fight for the general public. Don’t lose sight of it. “

Zarah Sultana said: The clue is in the name. “

Labor frontbenchers were initially warned last month not to join the railroad picket line.

An email from Starmer’s office to members of the Shadow Cabinet said, “We don’t want to see these strikes drive the consequent mass turmoil.”

The message added: “But we also need to take leadership. That’s why [parliamentary private secretaries] Should not be on the picket line.

“Talk to every member of the team to remind them and confirm with me that you did.”

Osborne and Barker, Labor Secretary-General Navendu Mishra and Shadow Environment Minister Alex Sobel, Against their leader Participate in the June demo.

After a few hours of discussion behind the scenes on Wednesday, a party spokesperson said:

“This is not what you see on the picket line. Front bench members sign up for joint responsibility. This is to speak to the front bench position, which has been approved and agreed to appear in the media. It is included.

“As a waiting government, the breach of collective liability has been taken very seriously, and for these reasons Sam Tally has been removed from the front bench.”

In a statement, Tally said: This corrupt and unruly government.

“I’m continuing to support impressive railroad workers and campaign for the Labor Party’s victory in the next general election. It’s going to fight relentlessly from the back bench.”

Members of the Local Labor Party voted to “trigger” him. That is, he must pass a complete reelection contest to become a party candidate in the next general election.

he Accused A “party machine element” that targets left-wing candidates and MPs.

Starmer faces backlash from unions and MPs after Tally’s dismissal on strike

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