Stella Artois gives back to bartenders with a £ 500,000 support scheme

Stella Artois is celebrating the hospitality sector’s grand return with a campaign that offers bar staff an additional £ 500,000.

Created by Mother, Stella’s Tips show a thirsty local patron celebrating the pub’s return with a nice cold pint. The narrator said, “Stella Artois offers a £ 1 bar staff tip for each pint offered, so everyone feels welcome. Go back.”

The television ad started today (April 6th) and is backed by celebrities who own Half Moon Inn and The Fox & Pheasant, respectively, such as model Jodie Kidd and musician James Blunt.

The initiative will be available for Stella Artois drinkers at participating pubs until May 9, and will provide an additional £ 42 to more than 12,000 hospitality staff across the UK (excluding Northern Ireland).

“The British pub is the cornerstone of our community, and the people behind the bar connect it with a welcome smile and pint,” said Ali Humphrey, Stella Artois’ European marketing director. ..

Humphrey added that the pandemic was “especially difficult” for the staff because they missed customer advice.

“We want to get the chips back on the agenda, so we’re proud to work with Stella Artois, the largest beer brand, to launch” Stella Chips “as a way to thank the people behind the bar. I think.

“When the pub reopens, it provides stella and hints to those who will enable the revival of the hospitality industry.”

According to a January CGA and AlixPartners report, the pandemic resulted in the complete closure of 10,000 stores last year, but more than one-third of employees have long-term job security in the face of frequent blockades. I am concerned.

Paul Scully, Minister of Small Business, said: “Pubs are an integral part of communities throughout the UK, and our hard-working staff make them a dynamic and cozy place we know and love.

“It’s great to see the government’s efforts to support the sector complemented by this generous offer from Stella Artois after such a tough time for the hospitality industry.”

In the first stages of the pandemic, Budweiser UK & Ireland launched a gift card initiative that allows beer lovers to pre-purchase post-blockade drinks.Save the pub’s lifeLast year donated £ 1.5 million to the hospitality sector.

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive Officer of the British Beer & Pub Association, said:

“When you start enjoying beer again in the beer garden, it’s important to recognize the pub staff who do a great job of taking care of us.”

Last July, Stella Artois launched an art campaign that encourages people to enjoy moments of joy and the most important people.Artois life“.

Stella Artois gives back to bartenders with a £ 500,000 support scheme

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