Stephen Port: Police failed to analyze laptop for 10 months

Police have been unable to submit to forensic analysis for 10 months after the laptop owned by serial killer Stephen Port was confiscated and missed a repetitive search for drug rape videos contained on the device, interrogations heard. ..

Port killed four men with an overdose of the drug GHB between June 2014 and September 2015.

Their death hearings are looking to see if police could have saved their lives if they acted differently.

Anthony Walgate, 23, Gabriel Kovali, 22, RyushamDaniel Whitworth, 21, and Jack Taylor, 25, from Gravesend, were all found dead near Port’s apartment in Barking, east London.

Daniel Whitworth and grandmother (PA) from Gravesend

Fashion student Walgate, who worked as an escort, died after agreeing to an overnight visit with Port for £ 800.

Port was initially arrested on June 27, 2014, for flipping the path of justice, pretending to be ignorant of who Mr. Walgate was and lying.

A four-man death hearing at the Barking City Hall said Wednesday that a murder investigator advised a detective on a local autonomous region police team to analyze Port’s laptop on the day of his arrest. I asked.

However, no analysis was done and the machine was sent to the forensic scientist only in April, ten months later the following year.

Two months later, in June 2015, criminal police officer David Parish was provided with a USB stick containing all the material from Port’s computer.

This included a repetitive search for drug rape videos and date rape drugs just before Port sent a message to Mr. Walgate suggesting an overnight visit.

In another message on the FitLads site, before meeting Mr. Walgate, Port boasted that he had previously taken drugs and had sex with a man like “Ragdoll.”

However, Parish did not find any material and only reported on selfies, sex videos, and dating site messages on laptops.

Submitting evidence on Wednesday, he told the jury that he did not pass the port’s Internet search around the time of Mr. Walgate’s death.

He said: “That was what I didn’t do, and I should have done, and I apologize.”

Police said he was looking for information on how Port and Mr. Walgate met and about their lifestyle.

Port was arrested and released on bail for upset the path of justice, but killed Mr. Kovali, who died on August 28, 2014, and Mr. Whitworth, who was found on September 28, 2014.

Earlier, a friend of Mr. Walgate’s college was convinced by a jury that the death of their friend was suspicious, and police mistakenly assumed that he had overdose the drug because he was working as an escort. He said he was afraid.

Giving evidence via a video link from Hong Kong, where she lives, China Dunning told the Inquest: I knew he wasn’t taking the medicine himself and wasn’t overdose.

“I was convinced that it was Stephenport’s action. I was convinced he had him. drink Spike or something, and that was suspicious. ”

Kiera Brennan, who was part of the same circle of friends, also told the inquest that she “strongly felt” that Port had harmed Mr. Walgate.

Mr. Walgate sporadically worked as an escort and arranged to meet Port, who was using the pseudonym Jordeen in his apartment in Barking on June 17, 2014.

Miss Dunning reported that Mr. Walgate went missing two days later, along with the name, address, date of birth, and his physical description provided by Port.

In September 2014, when the investigation into Mr. Walgate’s death continued, Mr. Danning told police that if a toxicology report found GHB in his body, he would have taken it on his own initiative. He said he didn’t think.

Asked about how police responded to her concerns that her friend’s death might be suspicious, Danning said: Sex workers, and I thought they would immediately think, “Yes, he’s also doing drugs,” or he would be happy to do so, or he would risk.

“I wanted to convince them that they shouldn’t have that stereotype.”

A previous statement by the court that Miss Brennan regarded Mr. Walgate as “a boy wielding people for money” and “when he was found to be an escort, they wrote him down.” I read a part of.

She told the inquest:

“But I think the work that Anthony was doing made an unconscious prejudice and assumption for Anthony’s sexuality.

“I’m sure it influenced how things were done and what wasn’t.”

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Stephen Port: Police failed to analyze laptop for 10 months

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