Stoke-on-Trent Trade Park is approaching full capacity after a series of new lending

The newly built Stoke-on-Trent Trade Park is approaching capacity after many companies have signed up for space on the site.

Developer St Modwen Etruria Trade Park Last year’s plans after being instructed by the Stoke-on-Trent City Council to build two terraces of a brand new trade counter unit.

Only one unit at the Festival Park site after all agreements between Moto Hub Engineering Ltd, The Belgian Beer Company, Small Batch Cocktails, bathroom specialist Robert Pochin Ltd, Quality Transport Training Ltd, and repair and replacement expert Allscreens Nationwide Ltd. Is vacant. Site leasing – ranging from 5 to 10 years –.

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Agent Harris Lamb states that there was “high interest” in the trade park.

Becky Thomas said: “We have a lot of interest and there is only one empty unit left in the park.

“The combination of location, availability, and specifications means we’ve secured 21,524 square feet of space on our site and provided an additional 19,637 square feet over the past year.

“In addition, four more units are offered, new tenants are expected to find employment in the New Year, and only one 3,000-square-foot unit is available.”

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Becky further states: “We are pleased with the adoption in the trade park, which has prospered despite the uncertainties faced by retailers over the last 18 months, and based on the high level of inquiries we are currently experiencing around the final unit. To let go of real estate immediately and completely. “

Etruscan Trade Park occupants participate in established businesses such as Vodafone, bet365 and Festival Park Wade Ceramic.

Deane Wakeling, Head of Business Development at Allscreen Nationwide Ltd, said:

David Vaughan of Quality Transport Training said: “The main criterion in choosing where to place in the area was convenient accessibility, and the excellent location of Etruscan Park fully met that requirement.”

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Sebastian Sheehan of the Stoke-on-Trent City Council welcomed the success of the Trade Park.

He states: “In light of the many challenges presented by the pandemic, allowing so many properties in the park since its completion last year is a real achievement and very pleased with the diverse range and quality of the occupants. We have secured the Harrisram team. “

Stoke-on-Trent Trade Park is approaching full capacity after a series of new lending

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