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Storm Arwen hits Britain with a 75mph wind

Forecasters warned of travel turmoil as the first winter storm was set to hit parts of Britain with a 75mph wind.

The Met Office issued an amber warning to northeastern England and parts of Scotland from this afternoon (November 26) to Saturday morning as a result of the storm Arwen.

Forecasters say that injured and life-threatening splinters are “likely” and people expect damage to trees and buildings, cancellation of public transport, road and bridge closures, power outages, and big waves. I warned that I was being told.

Graham Day, Scottish Minister of Transport, urged travelers to take into account the weather, saying: Some difficult weather. “

Yellow wind warnings are being implemented in most western parts of the UK today and are spreading to the rest of the country on Saturday.

Gusts are expected to reach 55 to 65 mph in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, South West England, and parts of northeastern England, and are the highest in coastal areas.

Stephen Dixon, a spokesman for the Met Office, said: Is being thrown.

“Also, from 9am Friday, from Scotland to Northern Ireland, Wales, and South West England, there are yellow wind warnings along the west coast of England.

“This reflects the impact of Storm Irwen, and strong winds can occur on Saturday when warnings spread to most parts of the UK.

“The southeast and London are pretty windy, but they can escape the worst gusts.”

He said Storm Arwen was coming in from the North Sea and would begin to move south before relaxing on Sunday.

The Met Office named the storm against the backdrop of the potential effects of the storm, and the storm Awen was declared as a result of the amber wind warning.

Dixon added: “It could snow in the next few days, especially in the highlands of Scotland and northern England, as Arwen causes confusion.”

RAC advises drivers to be prepared for strong gusts by slowing down and being “extremely careful” when overtaking high-side vehicles and cyclists.

Spokesman Simon Williams said, “In extremely windy conditions, it is important to give extra time to the trip, as bridges can also be closed and trees can fall.”

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Storm Arwen hits Britain with a 75mph wind

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