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Strictly confused because Rose Eiling Ellis’ hearing aid broke a few days before the live show

Strictly come to dance EastEnders star Rose Ailing Ellis’ hearing aid broke a few days before the next live show, causing confusion again.

The actress best known for playing Mick Carter’s daughter Frankie in Wolford was the show’s first hearing-impaired and uses her hearing aids to pick up some of the music.

She previously explained to BBC News: “It is a common misconception that hearing-impaired people cannot enjoy music.

“I have a hearing aid so I can pick up some music and listen to the beats. I can hear someone singing, but I can’t pinpoint the exact words. I also feel the vibrations. “

On Wednesday, Rose went to her Instagram story and explained that she couldn’t hear anything after her hearing aid broke.

“I have some news for you today,” said her dance partner Giovanni.

Giovanni and Rose announce news on Instagram

“I think my hearing aid broke this morning because I sweated and broke … so I can’t hear anything!” Rose explained.

Giovanni, a professional Italian dancer, begged, “So get the NHS fast! We need it!”

Rose said, “It’s great that you don’t have to hear him!”

When she reposted the clip on her Instagram page, Rose added:

Rose told the fans not to worry

Rose could be seen trying to read Giovanni’s lips. He asked the NHS for help again, but eventually gave up, as she said.

Rose described his dance and rhythmic experience, and before embarking on a rigorous stint: ..

“But not all Deaf people are the same. All Deaf people will have their own musical experience.

“I love music and can’t wait to be taught how to dance rigorously at a professional level!”

Rose blew the judges off in her movie week routine

Last week, the star wept fans with a Titanic-inspired waltz. Waltz received an impressive score of 36 out of 40 from the judges.

It comes just as peep show star Robert Webb got out of the competition because of his health fears after undergoing cardiotomy.

The comedian issued the following statement: “I’m very sorry to announce that I’m leaving Strictly Come Dancing …

“Two years ago I had an open heart surgery. I believed I was strong enough to undertake that tight schedule, but I chewed more than I could chew at this stage of recovery. It became clear that.

“She thought it was better to leave the show for good health as she began to feel the symptoms of calling for an urgent medical examination from a cardiologist.”

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Strictly confused because Rose Eiling Ellis' hearing aid broke a few days before the live show

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