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Students seeking feedback on Northern Ireland uniform reform

The Northern Ireland Junior Students’ Union (SSUofNI), a group aimed at reaching out to students, should work with the Parent Engagement Group (PEG) to “ensure youth’s views on uniforms and PE kits.” I made it.

According to a survey conducted by PEG in August, 94% of the 1,415 parents who responded were concerned about the cost of uniforms.

Currently, these two groups want to provide young people with the opportunity to express their views on this issue through research.

Ellie-Jo Taylor is the Equality Officer of SSU of NI. She said she was “proud” to be involved in the preparation of the survey.

She states: “For years, the rising costs of uniforms have been outlined, and for years, this effect has been student Ignored. Young people are aware of the financial pressure on their families. This is especially seen during the “return to school” season. I have to say that this year is not next year.

“This study gives young people the opportunity to give our opinion on what impacts us and our families. This is our opportunity to bring class equality into the classroom. This survey, the voices of students, Staumont We provide fairer policies to vulnerable youth and families. ”

According to a PEG parent survey, more than 70% of families are under financial pressure, and 75% of respondents say that this financial pressure is affecting their health and well-being, some Worried statistics have been revealed.

Over 94% reported purchasing uniforms from school-approved suppliers, and 85% said this was of great concern or of great concern.

Parents also said they would like to discuss all proposed unified changes and satisfaction with unified suppliers – 92% were strong or tended to agree. Flexibility is also at the top, 74% agree that flexibility needs to be increased, and 84% need to make the school logo available so that parents can secure it to plain uniform items. I agreed.

PEG spokesman Naomi McBurney said the parent’s study outlines the “real problem” with our uniforms being purchased in Northern Ireland.

“This isn’t news for most of us, but we can’t challenge it,” she continued.

“We know that parents are struggling under the financial pressure of uniforms, but young people are unaffected by those struggles.

“We are given the same opportunity for young people to participate in uniform conversations and would like to lend their voice to any changes that the Ministry of Education may introduce. Secondary Student Autonomy in Northern Ireland. We are pleased to partner with the Society and look forward to working closely with them on this growing issue. “

Both groups want to hear from as many young people as possible and encourage youth groups and schools across Northern Ireland to share surveys and encourage participation.

The survey will be available online until midnight on Wednesday, October 27, here..

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Students seeking feedback on Northern Ireland uniform reform

Source link Students seeking feedback on Northern Ireland uniform reform

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