Sturmer: Labor ‘confident to fight SNP as well as Conservatives’

Sir Care Sturmer vowed to defeat Nicola Sturgeon’s party. Labor Party “As a person who has confidence in battle” SNPs As well as the Tories.”

The Labor leader also referred to former SNP MP Margaret Ferrier, telling an audience in Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, that his party was trying to get “rule-breakers” out of Downing Street and remove her from the House of Commons. Told.

Ferrier sits as an independent MP after being suspended from the SNP after it was revealed that he broke coronavirus rules when he took a train from London to London. Scotland Despite testing positive for the virus.

At Thursday’s Keir Hardy dinner, he said, “Politicians who cling to power and put their status above decency, even if they are found guilty of breaking the rules that protect us all.” I am taking a dark view of the So tell your local MP here. Time is up.

“Our Labor Party has kicked the rule-breakers out of Downing Street and will kick them out of Hamilton and Rutherglen.

“We will not stop there. Do not doubt us. As you can see, this is the Labor Party and we are confident in fighting the SNP. Trees.

“We will face them in Airdrie, Clydesdale, Motherwell and East Kilbride. Lanarkshire – North and South. We must win the battle for a fairer and greener Scotland in a fairer and greener England.” They’re all over the central area.”

There is only one Labor MP in Scotland. Ian Murrayrepresent south of Edinburgh, trailing Holyrood’s Scottish Tories to 31 with 22 MSPs.

The SNP has 64 MSPs in the Scottish Parliament and 44 MPs in Westminster.

Lord Kail said the country was facing a “long and harsh winter” but “confronting the cost of living crisis, climate change and Putin are challenges common to all of our unions”. .

“Making the Scottish and English borders together will not solve the problem,” he said, adding:

“But whoever holds power in Westminster must also make clear that Scotland needs the power and resources to shape its own future.”

Lord Kiel said at a dinner named after the founder of the Labor Party that the SNP was “not interested in this”.

“For them, Scotland’s success in the UK: its leadership in renewable energy, its significant contributions to Britain’s security, its cultural brilliance and history of innovation, all contribute to the solidarity, hope and idealism of workers in this coalition. “Oh, but” he said.

“Well, no more. We will not cooperate with them. We will beat them.”

“Parties that support a fairer and greener Scotland are the same parties that support a fairer and greener UK.

“It’s this Labor Party and together we make both happen.” Sturmer: Labor ‘confident to fight SNP as well as Conservatives’

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