Sue Gray Findings: Lockdown Party Culture Approved by Your Boss

A failure of leadership and judgment at 10 Downing Street has allowed staff gatherings to proceed, according to an investigation by the blocking parties.

The long-awaited senior civil servant Sue Gray Report to the blockade rally On government premises, overdrinking of officials was emphasized to the extent that one of the staff became ill and minor conflicts arose while the rest of the country was blocked.

“Some staff have witnessed or received worried behavior at work, but sometimes felt that they couldn’t grow properly. I respect the guards and cleaning staff. I noticed multiple examples of lack and poor treatment. This was unacceptable, “Gray wrote in his final report.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the House of Commons that he was “fully responsible for everything that happened to my watch” and was “modest” to the experience.

Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer, who was being investigated by police at a blockade rally in Durham, urged Conservative lawmakers to “pack his bag.”

Gray’s terms of commission for the investigation stated that the results of the investigation would be made public, but certain personnel actions against individuals remained confidential.

Last week, the Metropolitan Police Department said it had imposed 126 fixed penalty notices on individuals to hold rallies on eight separate days from May 2020 to April 2021.

One of the No. 10 WhatsApp messages unearthed by Gray’s research states: It would be helpful if people could be aware of it when the speakers and cameras were away, rather than walking around, such as shaking a bottle of wine, probably just to show that the press conference would end around that time. “

Martin Reynolds, Prime Minister’s Chief Secretary, wrote in another WhatsApp message to his Special Advisor:

It is said that Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Helen McNamara provided the karaoke machine when she retired from the Cabinet Office on June 18, 2020.

Gray’s findings include: The various parts of No. 10 and the failure of leadership and judgment by the Cabinet Office have occurred at various times. Some events should not have been allowed to be held. Other events should not have been allowed to develop as they did.

“In a professional workplace, alcohol overdose is not always appropriate. All government agencies need to take steps to ensure that clear and strong policies cover alcohol consumption in the workplace. “

She added: “Some staff wanted to express concern about the behavior they witnessed at work, but sometimes felt they couldn’t. Staff members reported cheating at the place they witnessed. Don’t feel like you can’t do or challenge. Outside the line management chain, there should be an easier way for staff to raise such concerns informally. “

Gray described 10 Downing Street as resembling a small government sector now, but as it grew, its leadership structure hadn’t evolved. “They are fragmented and complex, which can lead to blurring the line of accountability. High-ranking officials whose primary role is the prime minister’s direct support are overly responsible and expected. This needs to be addressed as a priority. “

Jonathan Maude, chair of the London Employment Team at law firm Vedder Price, said: Her discoveries are in the limelight and will be challenged by some exaggerated characters trying to blow conclusions off course.

“It is expected that the investigation and its findings will be disputed, and investigators will need to work on it. Including photos in Sugley’s report is not a decoration to the media’s satisfaction. Members need to be transparent and record evidence so that they can show how and why they reached a conclusion when they were challenged.

“Ultimately, Sue Gray’s research and reports show that when you create a rule, you have to uphold it, whether it’s politics or business.”

BrightHR CEO Alan Price said: “Sue Gray’s report highlights some key issues that exist in organizations across the country. First, junior employees follow an example set by senior figures, so equality and inclusiveness. The core values ​​of ethical behavior and respect are rooted from the top down, and it is important to fully adhere to robust policies and procedures, otherwise denial that does not promote true diversity and basic professionalism. It leads to the creation of a traditional corporate culture.

“This report also highlights the importance of having a strong management structure with appropriate channels for employees (especially junior staff) to express their concerns. In this case, senior management. Was often worried about opposition to the event because he was directly involved in the organization. “

Sue Gray Findings: Lockdown Party Culture Approved by Your Boss

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