Summer Monteys-Fullam looks great with a pink bikini barely stripped in Florida

SUMMER Monteys-Fullam set up a pulse race after taking off a small bikini while enjoying the sunshine of Florida.

The model could see her posing by the pool with a new sultry snap as she threw her head back and stretched her legs.


The new bikini snap looked great in summerCredit: Instagram
Star is not a stranger to share her snaps online


Star is not a stranger to share her snaps onlineCredits: summermonteysfullam / Instagram

summer26, wore a small pink string bikini to snap in the garden while relaxing by the pool on Tuesday afternoon.

An influencer spending time in Miami tilted her head back in the sun and shed her strawberry lock behind her.

With her hands behind her body, summer showed off her incredible curves when her toned abdominal muscles were captured by the light.

In the background of the new photo, a vast villa house and a pool for the summer seemed to soak her toes.

Summer Monteys Fullam shows off a great body in a Florida orange bikini
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She was recently seen posing in white lace lingerie, so it’s no stranger to show her enviable curves to her next person in the summer.

Showing off her tanned tone in a night shoot, the star wore a floor-length silk robe over a bra and nicker set.

The ex-bar maid recently explained that she receives daily messages and explicit photos from fans who are competing for her attention.

But that’s not all crackdowns. summer Admit that she wants to be rather single until she finds her “Prince Charming”.

Summer spoke only to the sun, saying, “I love being single, but I want to make my prince attractive.

“I slipped people into my DM, but I’m not currently dating. I’m open to dating.”

When asked if she received a cheeky message online, she replied:

“I’ll tell someone, we have the same dog, or we have the same horse.

“And sometimes when I press to see or accept an image, suddenly it’s not the same … it’s not a similar dog or a similar horse. It’s not the same. It’s actually d * ** pics. “

Stars say there are many possibilities, from strangers to fans, and even slipped celebrities into DMs … but refuses to say anyone.

Summer admitted that she was a “strange type” when it came to men-Prince Harry and Tom Hardy confess that they checked all her boxes.

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She previously stated what she was looking for in the next man: “Loyalty is a very important factor for me. I want a nice person. I don’t have a type, so it’s how I interact with that person.

“Age doesn’t really matter, but this time I’ll definitely cap it — under the age of 30 — and I definitely accept dating someone out of the public.”

Summer Monteys-Fullam looks great with a pink bikini barely stripped in Florida

Source link Summer Monteys-Fullam looks great with a pink bikini barely stripped in Florida

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