Survey reveals the generosity of teachers on Public Service Day

A new survey reveals that more than 59% of teachers participate in education to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and 53% have been involved in the community since they started their careers. I did.

Conducted by Opinion Matters and commissioned by the public sector and civil servant membership club Boundless, the study depicts civil servants not only providing outstanding service to the country, but also the foundation of the community.

The survey also revealed that the challenges faced by everyone since March 2020 have united the community and made Britain feel more united as a society. Almost one-third (28%) of us believe that the pandemic has increased the sense of the community.

And it was British teachers, medical professionals and police officers who helped the country over the difficult times.

Other statistics are as follows:

  • One in five teachers take care of their neighbors during their careers.
  • More than one-third of educators say the workplace gives them a sense of community spirit
  • One in ten teachers runs a sports team for children in their spare time

Boundless Darren Milton said:

“People who play the role of public services go one step further on a daily basis. In fact, in this survey, more than half of teachers participated because they wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Was also revealed. “

The spirit of the community has been passed down to private life, with 53% of teachers working voluntarily, helping their neighbors and spending time on philanthropy. This is even more appealing to Public Service Day on Thursday, June 23rd.

As an example, Marva Rollins OBE has been doing voluntary work outside of her role for the past 40 years. “I worked for the Sickle Cell Society at a time when many doctors and nurses didn’t even know about sickle cells.

“We were trained to go to hospitals and people’s homes, and my phone number was what the hospital had, so at 2am, my parents said,” I need help. ” You may receive a call.

“At the moment I Success club, This is a charity that goes to school to help children’s hearts. I am also a patronage of the Reach Society. This is the only female patrol because it started as an organization where professional black men lead young black men, but now everyone can participate.

“I’m still the governor of three schools, including a special school and a school for children with neurodiversity. Many have very complex needs. I also do things in education. Is not always good, so we are also working on a hotline for people working in needy education, and we are helping to prepare for the interview.

“I do a lot of volunteer work. It’s just who I am … you have to be busy.”

Recognition and support

Public Service Day was officially launched by the United Nations in 2003. Boundless launched a campaign in 2019 seeking more public awareness and support for those working in this sector.

For more information on Public Service Day, as well as inspirational stories and tips on how to attend, visit the following website:

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Survey reveals the generosity of teachers on Public Service Day

Source link Survey reveals the generosity of teachers on Public Service Day

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