Surveys show promising interest in STEM subjects from young girls ahead of International Women in Engineering Day

To celebrate the 9th year of International Women’s Day on Engineering Day According to the survey, there is an increase of more than 50% among women who are interested in STEM subjects. Science and mathematics have been selected as favorite subjects by girls aged 11 to 16 years, with two-thirds (61%) showing a keen interest in STEM careers.

According to a new survey prior to the Big Bang Fair at NEC in Birmingham, 37% of 11-16 year olds are on YouTube to learn about their dream jobs in the future compared to those who read or attend books. I answered that I would watch the video. After-school class or club (22%). There are many ways for them to discover more on their laptops as well as in the real world.

Dr. Hillary Liebers, Chief Executive Officer EngineeringUK Organizers of the Big Bang Fair, aimed at encouraging young people to learn more about the world of STEM, say parents should embrace new learning methods while seeking hands-on experience.

She states: “It’s really encouraging for young people to adopt STEM when they are young. To understand the role of STEM careers and to help more young people work in science, engineering and technology, all backgrounds. Youth is needed. Social media is a great tool and is especially helpful for young people to understand STEM during pandemics. This year’s Big Bang Fair consists of live events and digital options at NEC, both for young people. Designed to offer. It’s an opportunity to experience the great opportunities that a career at STEM can offer and to learn more from people who are already working in science, engineering and technology. ”

Children between the ages of 11 and 16 are more inspired by people like Professor Sara Gilbert and Sir David Attenborough than famous influencers like Molly May, so they have two in five (43). It’s no wonder that%) is exploring the world of STEM in his career. ) People aged 11 to 16 Career at STEM Allows them to make positive changes in the world. This complements previous surveys conducted by EngineeringUK, and young people attending career events with their employers, either online or directly (for example, workplace tours and career fairs) know what. It shows that it is about twice as likely to be. Engineers and scientists can do their jobs and are almost three times more likely to be interested in an engineering career.

Top development of STEM recognized by young people ::

  1. vaccination
  2. cell phone
  3. artificial intelligence
  4. Prosthesis
  5. virtual reality

The main careers that children consider to use STEM skills are:

  1. Cancer researcher
  2. Robotics engineer
  3. Climate engineer
  4. Machine learning engineer
  5. Gene therapy

Dr. Leevers adds: “Opportunities within STEM are endless and some are better known than others. In our research, young people found that the development of TikTok is an example of a career that requires STEM skills. Was less than a quarter. I am familiar with a great variety of possibilities and hope that more young people will study at STEM and eventually work if they can show it. increase.”

When it came to considering careers, the survey subjects felt that research in STEM subjects made a difference and laid a strong foundation to help save the planet. Forty-two percent of children recognize that a career in climate engineering requires a STEM foundation.

Big bang fair

The Big Bang Fair is aimed at ages 11-14 and the three-day event (Wednesday 22 June to Friday 24 June) is the UK’s largest STEM celebration. Free attendance events offer a number of quality, hands-on activities to inspire young people to discover and explore what their careers at STEM can offer. Families, home educators and school groups will have the opportunity to visit the Big Bang Fair Unlocked on Thursday, June 23rd, from 4pm to 8pm. There’s also an interactive on-demand element, with six compelling STEM panels streamed live as part of this year’s Big Bang Digital, giving young people the spotlight on sustainability, health, wellness, technology and more. You can hear from scientists and engineers.

Learn more about the Big Bang Competition and the Big Bang Fair. Big bang fair

Computing will host a live Women in Tech Festival in London on November 3rd and digitally on November 9th.

Join us to learn how the industry continues to defend diversity and make positive changes. Bring together the technology industry to collaborate, learn and grow to find a sense of belonging.

detail: Tech Festival Women

Surveys show promising interest in STEM subjects from young girls ahead of International Women in Engineering Day

Source link Surveys show promising interest in STEM subjects from young girls ahead of International Women in Engineering Day

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