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Grainne Cuffe, a local democracy reporter

The school in Sydenham is expected to be “significantly demolished” and rebuilt to comply with the planning permit as a result of the investigation.

Ryusham The council was involved in investigating the plan after the Archdiocese of South Korea contractor did not agree to the plan when building the new school.

Virgin and St. Philip Neri The elementary school is under redevelopment in collaboration with the Archdiocese.

2016, Ryusham Approved plans to demolish an existing building on the OLSPN site on Saidenham Road and build three buildings.Floor school.

However, after construction began, it became clear that the building was “significantly different from the original building permit granted,” and residents Councilor, And the local government is very concerned.

The main issues of competition are related to the type of cladding installed, the type and size of windows, the design of roofs, gutters, drains, external lighting, vents, etc.

I am also concerned about the height of the building whose construction has been canceled.

The Archdiocese has submitted a section 73 application that allows you to change the agreed terms. This was rejected by the council in May 2019.

Ryusham A notice of enforcement was issued in October of the same year to make a series of changes to the construction, such as rebuilding the school in an archdiocese-compliant manner (Option A) or replacing the cladding and windows with the first agreed ones. (Option B).

Research has shown that Option A requires a rebuild “according to an approved plan.”

“There is likely to be considerable demolition to achieve Option A, but it does not itself require demolition,” the council said.

Following the inquiry, the planning inspector ordered option B to be removed from the table.

The investigation specifically investigated the appeal from the Archdiocese regarding the notice of enforcement and the appeal regarding the refusal of its Article 73 scheme. Both were rejected by planning inspectors in a decision announced on May 12.

The· Appellant The proposed options later claimed to include two more forward According to the council architect, “it wasn’t feasible.“.

They stated that the Section 73 scheme “most strictly achieves the confirmed design intent of the agreed 2016 scheme” and “it is clear that the 2016 permit cannot be enforced.”

The council argued that “the scheme constructed was not in compliance with the policy.”

“In essence, it’s low quality, lacking in detail, and detrimental to the characteristics and appearance of the local street scene,” he said.

Planning inspector, Zoe Frank, Residents involved, archdiocese and council architects, planning consultants, school principals, and Councilor Inquiring.

Julia Webb, who lives nearby, represented the residents of Fairlawn Park as a party to Rule 6 in the survey.

Rule 6 Party said the council did not properly renegotiate neighbor The scope of the plan violation is once was recognized.

The FPR said the plans built were “unrecognizable” from the approved development, but the building was too tall and intimidating, ” neighborhood“.

Section 73 scheme used a Weatherby Rendered in gray color Instead of the originally agreed panel cladding system.

MS Frank said: “With the proposed rendering, the building will be overly noticeable and large, causing serious harm to the street scene, as it will not appear as high quality material when used in such volumes at this location.”

The installed windows are not the size agreed in the original building permit. The same applies to placement and frame.

“The windows installed on the first floor at the north height are not perfectly aligned with the window openings on the first floor, resulting in an unnatural and asymmetrical arrangement, which is harmful to the street scene.” The official concluded.

She described the outline of the roof as “clumsy,” but a sloping roof would also “look clumsy and add to the bulkiness that causes harm.”

“For the above reasons, the proposal can seriously harm the character and appearance of the region, which is inconsistent with the development planning policies associated with achieving a high standard of design.

“Therefore, the appeal should be dismissed unless there are important considerations that indicate that it is not,” she said.

The· Archdiocese He argued that dismantling or making major changes to the school would not benefit the students, and said the school could be closed.

The inspector said the school was “a good design and framework consistent with the development plan.”

MS Frank added that he did not provide “convincing evidence” as to why the appellant had to close the school permanently.

She added that there are several options available to the Archdiocese and schools. For example, working on vacations for several years or decanting part or all of the school in a short period of time.

The inspector concluded that: .. “

She also dismissed the enforcement notice appeal and removed option B – she said option A was “clear and accurate”.

The Archdiocese applied to the council to cover all or part of its investigation costs, labeled planning authorities as “irrational,” and caused “unnecessary or wasted costs.”

The council said it delayed development “which should be clearly allowed” and “blurred” it. Generalization It was a “or inaccurate claim” about the impact of the proposal and was slow to act after the appeal was filed.

However, the council urged planning inspectors to destroy the cost application.

“The council firmly believes in the view that the appeal could not be avoided. […] this Applying for expenses is basically unreasonable,Ryusham In his response, he said that adding both parties should cover their own appeal costs.

The cost will be decided at a later date.

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Sydenham School Must Demolish Building After Violating Building Permit – South London News

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