Sydney’s world’s best global survey sparks outrage as residents share why

Citizens of Sydney lashed out after a global survey named Sydney the best city in the world.

The poll, conducted last month among 15,000 people in 20 countries, found: sydney Ranked as the world’s most livable city and ranked 5th overall as a ‘Best City Brand’ LondonNew York, Paris, LA.

The study, conducted by Brand Finance, named Sydney as a preferred retirement location, ranking second overall in the sector.

However, many locals lashed out at the survey, saying Sydney (pictured) was the

However, many locals lashed out at the survey, saying Sydney (pictured) was the “most lived in” city due to high rents, poor public transport, congested roads, lack of nightlife and a “nanny state” culture. “It’s one of the hardest places,” he said.

A recent poll of 15,000 people in 20 countries named Sydney the world’s most livable city

Sydney residents rejected the ranking on social media, lamenting the city’s high rents, poor public transport, congested roads, lack of nightlife and “nanny state” culture.

He said the city may be attractive to baby boomers and wealthy seniors, but many young Sydney residents find it too expensive.

“Sydney is the worst place to live,” wrote one person on Facebook.

“Overpopulation, worst rental crisis ever, nothing to do at night and if you do you have to sacrifice your own kidney.” There are better cities in the world. “

Another said it’s the best city in the world if you turn a blind eye to “railways, airports, nightlife, transport, toll roads, house prices, wages, bureaucracy and cleanliness.”

Sydney is famous for its many beaches (pictured) and the work-life balance that locals enjoy

However, many locals criticize the city’s lack of nightlife and public transportation.

Another frustrated user added, “Why do I keep getting this title when it’s a ghost town where I go to bed at 10pm?!”

Lynette Bellivanis, who said she was “born and raised” in Sydney, vehemently opposed the poll and questioned its basis.

“It’s definitely not about housing costs,” she wrote.

“You have to earn a triple figure salary to pay the mortgage you’ll keep paying for the rest of your life, and it’s getting worse (poor kids).”

“Transportation sucks. Night life has no life. Restaurants close at 10. Bars not far away. In general, the cost of living keeps rising and wages struggle to keep up.” .”

Facebook users reacted in disbelief to the poll, listing all the issues that make life difficult in Sydney

Another user claimed they were limited in what they could do in the city

Tas Milonas, who lived in Sindhi all her life, said she was equally unimpressed.

“A city of nannies, yes, a city full of stress heads, yes,” she wrote.

“I travel every week of the year, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Sydney is way behind them.”

Polls ranked Melbourne as the 4th most livable city in the world and 16th overall.

Perth, on the other hand, was listed as a ‘hidden gem’ in the index, ranking 16th for livability and 11th for good weather.

Another user, joking about Sydney’s wild rental market, suggested that the poll “surveyed 15,000 real estate agents.”

This comes at a time when a growing number of residents are fed up with overpriced housing. sydney Forever as the city’s housing crisis worsens.

Statistics show 129,000 residents have been evacuated New South Wales From the year to 2022 in another state.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed 83,000 new immigrants from the interstate, leaving New South Wales with a net loss of about 38,000.

Sydney’s median house price has reached $1.23 million, making it out of reach for even the average income earner, forcing many to live far from the city centre. Gone.

Meanwhile, Sydney has overtaken Canberra as Australia’s most expensive city, with a median weekly price of $699 over the past quarter.

Rising rents are driving more Sydney residents to move to other states, with many choosing to settle in sunny Queensland.

Lily, 26, lived in Sydney all her life but finally got fed up with its exorbitant prices and decided to move to Brisbane in 2018.

She told the Daily Mail Australia that she has never looked back since and has no plans to return to Sydney anytime soon.

After living in Sydney all her life, Lily (pictured), 26, decided to move to Brisbane in 2018. She was able to purchase her property in just three years, even though she “had no money” in Sydney.

While working for a PR firm in Potts Point, Lilly lived in an apartment in Alexandria, south of Sydney, on $550 a week.

She found the environment to be increasingly competitive and stressful, taking an hour to and from work each day.

“The cost of living became unsustainable,” she recalls.

Lily wanted a warmer place to live and moved to Brisbane knowing it would be more affordable.

Upon landing, she immediately noticed a change in her mood. She is smiled and greeted by strangers on the street, something she had “never” experienced in Sydney.

Lily believes Brisbane has many benefits, including better jobs, a warmer climate and a better work-life balance.

The 25-year-old has saved enough money to buy a $340,000 one-bed apartment in 2021.

“I never thought I would own one when I left Sydney,” she said.

Australian housing costs

to rent

brisbane Median unit: $465 per week

sydney Median unit: $550 per week

brisbane Median House: $550 per week

sydney Median House: $650 per week


brisbane Median unit: $490,000

sydney Median unit: $776,780

brisbane Median House: $800,000

sydney Median House: $1.4 million

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