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WHats were already a bad weekend for bookmakers, as the 4-5 Gallahers Cross in the final race at Masselbara could only finish in 4th place after Well’s first two legs. Orchestrated gambling is back as a simple winner.

All major online betting companies connect Daragh Bourke’s Gallahers Cross, which was offered for prices up to 40-1, with Fire Away, a 22-1 early shot of the opening race at Musselburgh, and Blowing Dixie on Saturday night. I saw an important activity. For a flat handicap in Southwell, it’s about 12-1 at first.

All three horses struggled to find a valuable shape at their recent start, but gambling continued all day and in less than two weeks from Burke’s yard to Laura Morgan’s stable. The fire away that joined started with money before going home. The long way is clear. Blowing Dixie, who eventually sent off 4-6, also ran out of simple winners.

A major online company has suggested that Gallahers Cross faces potential debt of nearly £ 500,000 shortly before leaving for 4.25 on the final leg of the treble. The industry as a whole suggested a potential loss of at least £ 2m, but no full math was needed as Gallahers Cross looked like a major player on two flights from home.

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Marines stables hold the top trump card in Cheltenham


The Willie Mullins stables are clearly popular with nine of the 14 Grade 1 events at the Cheltenham Festival, following the five timers on the final day of the Dublin Racing Festival, and the success of Kenboy’s fight at the Irish Gold Cup. It is emphasized.

Kenboy (pictured) did all the running under Danny Marines, staying strong from the end and defeating the storyteller in two lengths. The 9-year-old was 12 to 1 at the Cheltenham Gold Cup next month and 3 to 1 in the market led by his stable companion Arboum Photo, the gold cup winner of the last two seasons.

Another leading candidate for Marines in the Grade 1 beginner hurdle of the card, AppreciateIt, has been reduced to about 7-4 in the Supreme Novice hurdle. Meanwhile, Monkfish, who won a Grade 1 Frogus Beginner Chase away from the field, is 11-10 for the festival’s 3-mile beginner chase.

Gordon Elliott, whose four-year-old Kirixios won the Spring Juvenile Hurdle, was the only trainer to threaten Marines’ domination on Sunday. The winner will head to the Triumph Hurdle for a 6-1 chance behind the stable companion Zanahiyr (now 11-4).

“When it comes together, it gives a lot of satisfaction to the whole team,” Marines said. “I have a great team of owners and a great team of staff, and I’m happy with them and all the jockeys on our winners.” Greg wood

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Burke had been training Fire Away until the horses recently moved to Morgan’s stables, but there was little clear connection between the three horses involved in Sunday’s gambling. Blowing Dixie trainers Bourke and Iain Jardine are also based at the Scottish Borders about 30 miles from each other. The Welly Wobblers Club is listed as the owner of the Fire Away, and both Blowing Dixie and Gallahers Cross race in trainer colors.

At the request of the integrity department of the British Horse Racing Administration, Musselburgh and Southwell stewards said, “When asked to provide information on race choices, it is unusual to interview the connections of all three horses before the race. I took action. [for their horse]”Their expectations and given riding instructions today.” The comment was noticed by the authorities.

There is no doubt that the expensive doubles landed as a result of the first two horses winning, but the bookmaker’s final loss at Sunday’s gambling was the loss at the two-day Dublin Racing Festival in Leopardstown. It may have exceeded. Eight Grade 1 races were won by market leaders.

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Monday Greg Wood Tips



12.25 Hackberry
12.55 Quest For Life
1.30 King Dargent
2.00 Moon King
2.35 Rubytwo
3.05 front foot
4.10 Return ticket
4.40 Busy Street


12.30 Malpas
1.00 Hang Tough
1.35 Crack Duninian
2.10 Grace order
2.40 Jack Valentine
3.10 Kapga De Lily
3.40 Nelsson


1.45 Casa Loupi
2.20 Pol Dark Cross
2.50 Notre Paris
3.20 Bring back the dog
3.50 Demopolis
4.20 Penny poet


4.30 Rocksberry
5.00 Open Mystery
5.30 Cahors (nb)
6.00 Moriana
6.30 Attitude (nap)
7.00 Yankee Stadium
7.30 Quartline Direct

Minerlined, not behind 11-4 winner Kenboy in the Irish Gold Cup on Sunday, won all weekends in Ireland after winning Quilixios (4-6) and Appreciate It (1-3) on Sunday. It was the only beaten favorite on Grade One. And Monkfish (1-2).

How did the attempted coup happen?

Layer was spared even greater payments when Sunday’s attempted coup was finally unleashed, but gambling was clearly carefully planned and was an interesting subplot of Grade 1 action in the afternoon in Ireland.

It also helped emphasize the contrasting views of the Panthers on the benefits and other aspects of the good old coup. This has become increasingly rare in recent years as online bookmakers maximize radar to acquire panthers and do everything they can. To limit exposure to “smart” money.

Some advocates love nothing but decent gambling and the idea that someone might stick one to the bookmaker for change. Others complain that it doesn’t help the sport’s image when the market plunge reveals something more about horse chances than the recent form isn’t.

One of the interesting aspects of Sunday’s gambling was confirming that the BHA integrity department was involved early on and that Steward asked some questions about the connection before any of the three horses ran. is.

However, none of the three horses had one or two forms of nuggets in the book, suggesting that they had some chance (that is, they were willing to dig deep enough). I will assume). Blowing Dixie has won the last four courses and distances in Southwell, most recently in January 2020, when both Fire Away and Gala Hearth Cross raced the jump very lightly and scored low. There is room for improvement.

If they were running in the color of the owner known to prefer punts, one or all could have triggered the bookmaker’s early warning system earlier than it really is. However, the fact that both Blowing Dixie and Gallahers Cross trainers are listed as horse owners is another unusual feature of attempted coups.

Someone seemed to be well aware that all three horses, including the Gala Hearth Cross, suddenly improved in their recent form on Sunday. But since all three had different owners, how can an individual obtain that knowledge without endangering the privileged information somewhere? Even if the treble goes down over time, that’s a question that needs to be asked.

Talking Horse: Defeat of Odds-About Your Favorite Big Relief for Bookmakers | Horse Racing

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