Tamim Ian Habimana: Woolwich rally held for stabbing victims

The mother of a teenage boy who was stabbed in Woolwich said he would not stop the campaign against the knife crime.

Hawa Haragakiza, 33, called for more to do to prevent people from being stabbed to death on the streets of England.

Her son Tamim Ian Habimana, 15, was found one puncture wound shortly after 5:20 pm on July 5, when asked to report an attack on Woolwich.

Despite the efforts of the ambulance crew, Tamim was declared dead on the scene about 40 minutes later.

Hawa Haragakiza, the mother of Tamim Ian Habimana, 15, attends a rally at Gordon Square (PA).

On Saturday, more than 100 people gathered at General Gordon Square in Woolwich to stay up all night in his memory.

Friends and family wore black T-shirts with his name, date of birth, and date of death in white letters, with the words “Please say no to knife crime” on his back. rice field.

Teens also paid tribute to Tamim and raised a flag calling for better community security and prevention of youth violence.

Several members of the community, including Imam Issa and Imam Swale Greenwich The Islamic Center also gave a speech in honor of him.

Mr. Haragaki told PA News Agency: [campaigning].. My sons are all about peace, where I am from, I am all about peace. ”

Asked if she would start a campaign with politicians, she said. You have to take this to the authorities as you wouldn’t go far without them.

“We need their help and support to make a noise about what is happening with the knife crime and what we can do to help young people.

“This is as we can say.” We did our best. I tried it. ”

This is my hometown of London: the general public at a rally at General Gordon Square in Woolwich (PA)Members of the general public at a Woolwich (PA) General Gordon Square rally

She added: Parents should do more. The police should do more. The government should do more. I’m not here to blame others, but they have to do more, and our parents have to do more.

“No parent should be afraid of their children going out, but it’s not just London, but the whole country.

“All parents need to do what they can to stop it, but not just parents. We all have to get together and do something about it.”

Haragakiza, who described his son as “a very smart, responsible and witty boy,” said he dreamed of becoming a lawyer or businessman after graduating from school.

Family friends Zaina Awes and Ize Leumbo said he was shocked by his death and still accepts it.

Awes told PA: A very spiritual, very calm, kind-hearted young man. She (Mr. Haragaki) said, “I’m doing this today, I’m doing it,” so I posted it as “a handsome boy.” I couldn’t figure it out when I saw him dead.

“I think she’s a strong woman [for carrying on campaigning].. I keep asking her, “How do you do that? How are you doing?” If it were me, God would forbid, I would be a shipwreck. But she is so spiritual that we help each other in prayer.

“We have young adults at home and are restricting going out.” Where are you? When do you go home?’We are worried if they are late. Parents and them ( It ’s also very scary for young people. ”

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Tamim Ian Habimana: Woolwich rally held for stabbing victims

Source link Tamim Ian Habimana: Woolwich rally held for stabbing victims

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