Teacher’s “ambassador” to promote OH in medical school

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The Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) encourages members to volunteer as faculty “ambassadors” in the Faculty of Medicine to encourage more students to choose occupational medicine and occupational health as their careers.
This work is led by Dr. Richard Peters, Chief Medical Officer at Network Rail. Richard Peters works with faculty to ensure that the benchmark criteria for occupational medicine education in medical schools are met. “I want to raise the profile of occupational medicine in the medical student community,” he said. “This recruitment of faculty ambassadors is the first step in a series of steps that we hope to see more faculty student members and ultimately more specialists,” he added. It is widely recognized that occupational health and occupational medicine must address long-standing workforce and capacity constraints in order to meet the growing demand for workplace health support and intervention, especially after the pandemic. .. One way to do this is to create more training locations and make the profession a more attractive career destination for medical students. “Occupational medicine plays an important role no matter what industry you are interested in, and students need more information about their specialty in medical school,” says Dr. Peters. “I hope that FOM members who are related to the School of Medicine, or who want to share their experiences, will come forward. After that, discuss an action plan to encourage and inspire the students. You can, “he added.If you would like to become a Faculty Ambassador, please contact us by email [email protected]Said Dr. Peters. Dr. Stevenimo, President of FOM, emphasized the issue of continued capacity of the profession and the need to rethink the workforce plan.

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Teacher’s “ambassador” to promote OH in medical school

Source link Teacher’s “ambassador” to promote OH in medical school

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