Teen Mama Briana de Jesus tells Kairin Raleigh to “run a few miles” instead of “running her mouth” in a new rant

Brianna De Jesus spoke to fellow teen mom Kairin Raleigh after blasting her on a podcast, suggesting that reality stars “run a few miles” and “stop talking.”

The pair had been in a feud for months and as a result were trapped in a court battle.


Kailyn Lowry featured Briana De Jesus’ Teen Mom: Family Reunion comment on a podcastCredits: kaillowry / TikTok
Brianna counterattacked with a bitter statement


Brianna counterattacked with a bitter statementCredit: Instagram

Kairine Dealing with Brianna’s allegations She was “frightened” by her joining the Teen Mom franchise Coffee combo Podcast.

“It’s the farthest thing from the truth,” she said in an episode, adding that she was “friendly” with Brianna and her sister before being added to the cast.

Brianna responded to Kairin’s podcast with a statement released as follows: Celebrities..

She told the outlet: “Currently, Kailyn Lowry is the plaintiff in the proceedings in which I am the defendant. I will refrain from commenting on her in the media until this absolutely ridiculous proceeding is resolved.

Brianna continued: “She keeps moving around freely and telling deliberate lies. Everything comes out soon, and when appropriate, I have my final say and all the evidence I need. Offers.”

She claimed that the treadmill she recently sent to her nemesis was a tribute to peace that Kairin refused to accept.

Brianna said: ..

Her statement ended as follows: “Sure, it could prove to be much more productive than everything else considered.”

Explosion from the past

The drama between Brianna and Kairin intensified after MTV shared Deleted scene From teen moms: premiere of family reunion.

In it, Brianna describes the feud with Kairin as follows: [2]..

“Then I started talking to her ex-husband [Javi Marroquin] I think it was like icing on a cake. Since then she hated me. “

Kairin replied in detail in the podcast: “When this happened, Teen Mama 2’s original plan at the time was to fly to Orlando and do a scene to introduce Buri and Brittany, so I’d like to elaborate here. Teen Mama 2 Cast.

“they [MTV producers] I knew when we had surgery that we had previously quoted not being quoted, and Brittany and Nova had my 23rd birthday in Orlando the previous year. I came to.

“So they knew there was some kind of friendship, so I went to Florida and called me to introduce her to Teen Mom.

“These plans were unsuccessful, but Brittany called me before announcing it and said,” Hey, I just wanted to let you know that we’re joining Teen Mom 2. ” And I was like “Oh awesome” This was fine. “

Kairin reviewed Brianna’s comments on the deleted scene and denied that she had a problem with Brianna joining the cast.

“So what she’s saying is a complete lie. It’s a complete b ****** t. I didn’t care who she came to TeenMom 2 and was threatened by. I haven’t been threatened by anyone. “

She then addressed Brianna’s claim that the feud was related to Brianna’s relationship with Java.

“Then, fast forward to the date Jabi.

“Neither of them was honest to me about what the situation in their relationship was, they were in the stage of actually talking, they weren’t just friends.

“They were in a discussion situation and were going on a date. They started dating, and they weren’t honest about it, so that was my second problem,” she recalled. ..

Legal drama

Kairin subsequently filed a proceeding in June after co-stars claimed to have physically beaten Christopher Lopez, the father of Raleigh’s two sons, and invaded and invaded Mr. Lopez’s mother’s house. Clarified the reason for the proceeding against Brianna. “

“My third problem is … so let me tell you: people are still confused about the proceedings between me and Brianna. She publicly publicizes me with a felony I have never committed. I got on Instagram Live, a public platform that I blamed. ”

“I don’t care who she heard from, she said it was Chris [Lopez] Then she said it was a production and then I really don’t know the order of the sequence of events She went to Instagram Live and said this and wondered why I file a proceeding. “

Kairin continued to blame Brianna for her comments in the family reunion episode, claiming she had not yet personally told her about the issues between them.

“afterwards [she] Going to national television-or in this case Instagram’s deleted scene-says she doesn’t understand, and we resolve this personally or whatever she claims on her Instagram. I can do it.

“She never personally said what she said on TV or on her Instagram post. She apologized publicly or privately or tried to talk about what she said or did. there is no.”

Kairin continued. “When you literally blame me for a felony, at what point can I defend my name and file a proceeding? That’s the part that everyone lacks.

“I’ve never invaded anyone’s house. It doesn’t matter who said it. So I felt she portrayed it about Jabi. Since then, I’ve been I hated her. It’s a perfect bull ** t. “

The pair has been feuding for months


The pair has been feuding for monthsCredit: MTV
Brianna suggested that Kairin stop


Brianna suggested that Kairin stop “moving her mouth”Credit: MTV
Kairin sues Brianna for defamation


Kairin sues Brianna for defamationCredit: Instagram @kaillowry
Teen Mama Kairin Raleigh demands that MTV “perform a check on her” for the broadcast scene with Briana Dejes about the feud at the family reunion show

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Teen Mama Briana de Jesus tells Kairin Raleigh to “run a few miles” instead of “running her mouth” in a new rant

Source link Teen Mama Briana de Jesus tells Kairin Raleigh to “run a few miles” instead of “running her mouth” in a new rant

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