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Tennis legend Chris Evert announces cancer diagnosis

Tennis legend Chris Evert She announced on Friday that she had been diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer.

“I’m very fortunate that they discovered it early and expected good results from my chemotherapy program,” 67-year-old Ebert wrote in a statement shared on Twitter. rice field. “Thanks to everyone who respected my need to focus on my health and treatment plan.”

ESPN’s tennis analyst Evert said during an interview with the Australian Open tournament’s sports network starting Monday that he “occasionally emerges from home.”

Ebert revealed in an essay co-authored by her longtime friend ESPN journalist Chris McKendry that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her sister Jeanne Evert Du Bin died in 2020 at the age of 62. Share on friday..

She said it was discovered after a prophylactic hysterectomy.

“I have lived a very attractive life. Now I have some challenges before me. But I am relieved that chemotherapy is to prevent the cancer from recurring. “Masu,” said Evert, who retired from professional tennis in 1989 after winning 18 great Grand Slam singles and three doubles titles.

“As someone who has always been in control of my life, I don’t know how to react to chemotherapy,” the three mothers added. “I have to give in to something higher.”

Tennis legend Chris Evert announces cancer diagnosis

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