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Terry counterattacks Ferdinand after a top five centre-back snab

John Terry swipes an old enemy with a thin veil Rio Ferdinand later Manchester United Legends snubbed him and ranked the best centre-backs Premier League history.

Ferdinand was talking Liverpool The latest episode of Virgil van Dijk’s YouTube showBetween the lines‘And the two began to discuss how the Dutch were piled up with some of the greatest men of all time.

They were given a list of 10 centre-backs and were tasked with narrowing it down to the top five. Van Dyck remained humble, suggesting that he was prematurely included in such a glorious company, although he was little worried about Ferdinand’s view of himself as No.1.

“I think I was number one. I’m serious. I’ll be number one soon,” Ferdinand muttered before choosing former teammate Nemanja Vidic in second place.

Perhaps because of politeness (or maybe not), former England International chose Van Dyck as number three, prompting a modest rebuttal from guests. “”[But I’ve] I won the Premier League only once, “Ferdinand replied.

In 4th place he chose another former United man, Jaap Stam, and finally in 5th place Terry.

Who is in the top 5 of the Premier League centre-back list?Please let us know at Comment section..

Rio Ferdinand has made a name for itself as one of the greatest Premier League centers of all time, followed by Nemanja Vidic, Virgil van Dijk, Jaap Stam and John Terry.

“As for his longevity at the club, what they won, the body on the line, a soccer player far better than people give him credit, was able to play off his left and right feet. “Ferdinand said of Terry.

Hours after the video was released, a former Chelsea skipper posted a ton of graphics on Instagram listing achievements and captions such as the time selected at FIFPro World XI and the percentage of wins and clean sheets. “Opinions are great, but statistics don’t lie,” he said.

Terry counterattacked Instagram, saying: "Opinions are great, but statistics don't lie"..
Terry argued against Instagram, saying, “Opinions are great, but statistics don’t lie.”

Despite playing with England for years, Terry and Ferdinand Tensioned relationship It’s the story of Fabio Capello’s resignation after the FA stripped him of the English captain since Bruce’s legend was caught in a racist storm with Ferdinand’s brother Anton in 2011.

Terry counterattacks Ferdinand after a top five centre-back snab

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