Tesco faces the threat of a Christmas strike

The UK’s largest supermarket chain faces the threat of strikes by thousands of distribution staff in more than half of its warehouses during the busiest week of the year.

Thirteen of the 22 Tesco Regional Distribution Centers across the UK are more in favor of strikes than wages, demonstrating the growing power of distribution industry workers in a tough labor market.

Unless a settlement is agreed, Didcot and Doncaster’s Unite staff will strike for 48 hours from 16th December and then 5 days from 20th December.

Scotland’s Livingston staff will strike only from December 20th, and two Northern Ireland staff will strike on December 16th.

Representatives of Usdow, a union of nine labor unions, including the Livingston facility, will also strike from December 20th to Christmas Eve.

Tesco offers Both sets of workers have a 4% salary increase, but the union points out the latest retail price inflation rate of 6%. Unite recently secured a 5% salary increase for workers in rival Wm Morrison’s distribution center.

“Our members sent a clear message,” said Joanne McGuinness, State Head of Usdaw. “I hope the company listens and they return to the negotiating table with a better deal.”

Sharon Graham, the Secretary-General of the Unite Labor Union, said her members “exceeded the obligation to keep Tesco’s shelves full throughout the pandemic.”

“At least the UK’s largest and wealthiest retailers should offer our members decent wages.”

Christmas day falls on this Saturday. It empowers the union more because it leaves a full trading week in advance. Supermarkets ship long-lived products such as alcohol and Christmas pudding to stores faster than usual, so you can prioritize the ability to distribute fresh food in the final week.

The increased combat power of distribution staff partially reflects their increased power in the labor market. Thousands of Eastern European workers are believed to have returned to their home countries during the pandemic, and many retailers attract both warehouse staff and truck drivers in addition to seasonal employment in stores. We need to raise the wage rate to maintain it.

Hourly rates vary by location at Tesco, but exceed the benchmark of £ 9.55 per hour paid to store staff. This is a discrepancy common to all supermarkets and is the basis of some large supermarkets. Equal pay for equal work It is currently passing through a British court.

Tesco acknowledges that distribution staff have “worked hard on the pandemic,” and that one of the highest in the last 25 years, the salary offer it has made, “fairly acknowledges this.” He said he admitted.

He was “disappointed” in voting for the strike, but added that an emergency response plan was in place to mitigate the impact. We are working hard to bring Christmas to our customers and we are confident that we can carry out our plans. “

Tesco faces the threat of a Christmas strike

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