TG Holdcroft doubles profits and invests in parts business

TG Holdcroft Holdings performed well in 2021 with pre-tax profit up 37% to £ 476.9m, doubling to £ 10.8m (£ 5.1m).

A group of dealers in the northwest said the outlook looked solid as demand for new cars with near-full-order banks increased.

“The accidental increase in demand from consumers in 2020, combined with the need to line up, certainly helped drive this increase in consumer activity.

“The future results of 2022 will, of course, depend on the ability of the car manufacturer to supply the product, and will benefit from this 2021 sales activity. In 2022 with a purchase order that exceeds the total sales of 2021. It is said that it entered.

The dealer group has invested in an EV charging infrastructure that includes a new headquarters built in 2020.

He said he had benefited from the rise in used car prices and commented that the talk of price adjustments had eased.

After-sales aims to slow down the business during a pandemic and focus more on future customer retention. We are also building a parts business.

“Our wholesale parts activity continued to generate solid economic benefits, and we were in awe of the sustainable growth of this activity in January 2022.”

Last year, we added the MG motor to the hold croft. Opened as MG Stoke, MG Cheshire Oaks, MG Warrington.

It also acquired Renault and Dacia Wolver Hampton, Renault, Dacia and Alpine Solihar of the Renault Retail Group.

TG Holdcroft has a total of 29 dealers in the northwest. In 1966, he opened his first dealership in Stoke-on-Trent Hanley.

TG Holdcroft doubles profits and invests in parts business

Source link TG Holdcroft doubles profits and invests in parts business

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