The 5 most popular recreational activities in India

India has become a center of adventure and enthusiasm globally. Whether you are an indoor or a free spirit who treks, bikes, and other adventures, you can’t get bored in India. Its beautiful landscapes and rich culture guarantees you the best recreational destinations.

India’s Best Recreational Facilities

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River Rafting

River rafting has gained popularity lately, especially with the brave at heart. The adrenaline rush in this fascinating experience is something you should try.

Rishikesh is the sanctuary for adventure best for water rafting in India. Enjoy 16 kilometers of a thrill ride with over 10 rapids in the Ganges river. Being a first-timer makes it more fun navigating through the rapids. Hold your paddle and enjoy the exhilarating adventure.

There are more than water rafting destinations; you can also check out river Zanskar in Ladakh and Kolad in Maharashtra found in Sahyadri that offers rafting during monsoons.

Bungee Jumping

Face your fears with a trill in India’s most versatile destination. Rishikesh is still the best destination for bungee jumping, with the highest jumping spot. Sports are for courageous hearts and adventurous beings.

Enjoy jumping high from a crane with no specific jumping spot in Ozone adventures at Bangalore, and it’s more thrilling and fun. If your destination is between Mumbai and Pune, visit Lonavala for the safest bungee jumping sport. The sport is excellent for beginners and those who have been doing it.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has gained popularity over the years, and it’s a sport for adventurous daredevils who want to explore something out of the ordinary. India has the most incredible spots where you can rock climb, like Parvati valley if you are a person. It’s a rocky terrain suitable for trekking and rock climbing with a spectacular hilly view.

Shey Rock is another spot that will give your rock climbing experience unforgettable memories. There are 20 routes for climbers that are safe and perfect for rock climbing. Hiram cracks at Shey Rock offer world-class facilities in rock climbing with easy to moderate ranges.

If you want two birds to visit Miyar valley, you will enjoy the panorama valley of flowers. Your rock climbing experience can’t be more interesting for beginners or seasoned rock climbers.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and kayaking are activities for adventure lovers. Kayaking can be a fun recreational activity with your friends or workmates. In India, this sport is popular, and people take part in it during their vacations.

Here are some best places to enjoy this thrilling sport when you visit.

Uttarakhand is one destination where you will have different sports and enjoy a vacation in a forest. You can go canoeing and hiking later to maximize your adventure in this scenic forest.

While you can kayak in Corbett national park in Dakpathar and Ramganga, the breathtaking scenery in Zanskar will complement the bone-chilling thrill giving an experience like no other.

When in Goa, after spending the night in India’s most prestigious casino, you can go down to Karnataka or Kerala for canoeing and kayaking. The sandy beaches with breathtaking views will give you a heavenly experience.


Recreational activities need an adventurous spirit and someone looking for thrilling fun. It’s nice and fun doing it as a team makes it merrier. Next time you feel like having a breathtaking outdoor adventure, visit India’s most scenic places for rock climbing, trekking, kayaking, and many more than you enjoy wildlife and the beauty that scenery offers.

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