The car retail agency model “puts the dealer last,” says Suzuki GB boss

Automakers considering an agency-model franchise car retail deal “want to put the dealer last,” Suzuki GB boss Dale Wyatt told dealers.

When the car director spoke to retailers at a Japanese brand UK dealership meeting earlier this week, he sought to reaffirm the importance of strong OEM / dealer relationships.

Wyatt, who commented on agency contracts through LinkedIn’s profile last month, said the franchise model has a “suspicious” return on investment (ROI) that could distract OEMs and retailers. He said there was a risk. It’s an important time for the industry.

“Manufacturers who think they can become dealers overnight are shocked,” he said at a Suzuki dealer conference.

Wyatt said:

“Like a family we deserve to stand together, we fight together and make a profit together as business friends.”

Last month AM reported it exclusively Suzuki GB’s decision to import cars remained incomplete due to a shortage of semiconductor microchips It was set up to give dealers access to 4,000 vehicles that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Suzuki GB’s automotive director, Dale Wyatt, told AM that it would pay off by bringing the vehicle to the UK without an infotainment system that incorporates satellite navigation and vehicle sound systems and procuring its own solution locally. Told.

He said retailers would start receiving new cars that were completed within a few weeks.

In November, Wyatt completed six regional car dealership meetings in five days, detailing Suzuki GB’s plans to mitigate the effects of a new car supply shortage.

At the meeting, the brand’s stock position clarity, fourth and first quarter trading terms, first quarter consumer offer details, efforts to keep the sales team motivated, PCP customers and parts replacement inventory Aimed to provide a plan to maintain.

At that time, Mr. Wyatt said: “The bad news is that chip shortages aren’t a short-term problem. It’s the third quarter before production returns to normal and the fourth quarter before its supply actually begins to recover.

“In other words, it will run on half the power in the first half of next year.

“Usually we sell 12,000 cars a quarter, but we sell 10,000 cars in the first quarter and we have a 3,000 order bank … there are no cars.”

NS October Motor Manufacturers and Traders Association (SMMT) registration data Suzuki has revealed that it has increased by 8.1% at 19,189 (2020: 17,755) to date.

Last week we announced the details New S-Cross SUV Before arriving at a British car dealership in January 2022.

The car retail agency model “puts the dealer last,” says Suzuki GB boss

Source link The car retail agency model “puts the dealer last,” says Suzuki GB boss

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