The chief teacher is prohibited from exerting force on the students at the reception

Elementary school teachers who called one student a kid, dragged another student out of the classroom, and hit his head against the door sill were banned from teaching. Corinne Culver, 34, was a Tiger Primary in Maidstone, Kent, working from 2012 to March 2019. She resigned after being suspended from the classroom by the school.

The Expert Action Committee of the Education Regulatory Agency has heard allegations that Ms. Culver used improper force against her students between November 2018 and February 2019.

She is said to have pulled a girl by hand to lift her legs off the ground, dragged the same student out of the classroom, hit her head against the door frame, and on another occasion she put her arms down and lifted her. Around the chest.

The last case was caught by the school’s CCTV system.

Culver is also said to have pulled another student with his wrist and took him out of the bathroom.

She was unable to record examples of the use of force in the school system.

It is also said that he made inappropriate comments in front of the students, such as “keep her away from me,” “I have enough,” and “she was the right kid.”

Ms. Culver did not attend the hearing, but did not ask for a postponement of the hearing.

The children she taught in the reception class were 4 to 5 years old.

The panel confirmed the CCTV recording and heard evidence from three other Tiger Primary staff members.

One person explained that in the winter of 2018, he heard a scream from Mr. Culver’s classroom and went to see if he needed help.

She said she found Ms. Culver holding her pupil with her wrist and lifting it into the air.

She described the grip as “tight and powerful,” stating that the young man’s feet did not touch the floor as far as his forearms.

Another staff member explained that one student was reluctant to come to school, and when he got off school, he often went to the bathroom and screamed and screamed.

The staff explained that he saw Mr. Culver dragging him screaming out of the bathroom.

The Panel found that all claims were proven and determined that there were no urgent situations such as imminent health risks that would justify the use of such forces.

Members also acknowledged that she was under a lot of stress, but concluded that it was inappropriate for Ms. Culver to make the comments she made in front of her students.

The panel concluded that: “I was pleased that Ms. Culver’s actions corresponded to an illegal act of a serious nature that was well below the standards expected of her profession.

“Teachers are not allowed to use unreasonable force or improper physical intervention, and they are not allowed to drag, pull, or get off the floor.

“The panel kept in mind that Ms. Culver could be the teacher the student first contacted, so they could consider her behavior normal and report it to the school and parents. May be lower. Older students. “

Ms. Culver said she was banned from teaching indefinitely and could not apply to lift the ban for at least two years.

Hayley King, Principal of Tiger Primary, said:

She states: “After she was in school for several years as a teaching assistant, Ms. Culver was on track for her full education qualifications and had no previous concerns about her behavior.

“But when the incident was reported by a member of the staff, the school took appropriate action and suspended Ms. Culver.

“I can’t tolerate her actions, even in difficult situations.

“The school followed the correct procedure, but is now confirmed by a ban imposed by education regulators.”


The chief teacher is prohibited from exerting force on the students at the reception

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