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The cleaner left a “shake” after the stolen Audi crashed into his van

A man whose van hit the stolen Audi said he couldn’t sleep because “only the driver’s face was visible.”

Patrick Adam was on his way to a Hawthorne Road cleaning job, Litherland, When he was attacked by a stolen car being chased by the police.

The stolen car Involved in a 4-mile police chase Yesterday I saw a driver arrested next to the Bouttle Cemetery.

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Patrick, 42, says he had a nightmare about a driver who continued to drive as part of a high-speed chase after hitting a van.

The cleaner remained “shaken” in the field and the nurse confirmed that it was okay to pull.

He told ECHO: “A white Audi attacked us while the police were chasing him. I saw his face when he attacked us. I turned my head and saw his face. He The car I bumped into. I started shaking and lay down on the floor.

Van damaged after stolen Audi crashed on Litherland’s Hawthorne Road during police chase

“A woman pulled by a red car said,’I’m a nurse, are you okay?’ Another woman pulled to a gray Mercedes and said she saw everything. I went to the hospital and said So they checked my shoulders and neck. “

Patrick was driving a van with a colleague at the time, and both were injured in a collision.

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The sweeper said, “I was scared. At first I was scared because I thought someone was trying to attack us. Then I realized he was being chased. I can’t sleep. I always have my face in my head. ing”.

Patrick thanked the people who helped him at the scene of the crash, and both the pulling nurse and the Mercedes driver offered help.

Patrick said, “The nurse didn’t say her name, but she got in a red car and came to ask if we were okay. I felt sick and shivered and she came to help. I want to say thank you for your help. The woman who stopped by the gray Mercedes stopped and said she would issue a witness statement. She really helped me too. “

A Merseyside Police A spokeswoman said: “After being tracked in Liverpool and Sefton on Wednesday morning, July 6, he detained a man and seized a suspected stolen car.

“At around 11:15 am, police witnessed an Audi A3 suspected of being stolen on East Lancashire Road, and Norris Green ran at high speed. Tracking was allowed and the car drove towards the bouttle. injury.

“The car stopped nearby and the man was detained at the intersection of Menai Road and Watts Lane.”

A spokeswoman added, “He was evaluated in the hospital as a precautionary measure before being detained on suspicion of worsening UTMV, did not stop driving, and was disqualified.”

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The cleaner left a "shake" after the stolen Audi crashed into his van

Source link The cleaner left a "shake" after the stolen Audi crashed into his van

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