The CMO praises the GP’s pandemic response and warns of a “very difficult” winter.

At this year’s RCGP annual meeting in Liverpool, Professor Chris Whitty said he “greatly praised” the work done by the GP during the pandemic, including the success of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Professor Whitty said general practice requires discussions with patients over the next few months to determine the appropriate level of face-to-face consultation, adding that the discussion “has become hotter than necessary.” rice field.

He warned that the NHS is entering a “very difficult” winter this year-whether or not COVID-19 cases continue to grow-and common practices are at the forefront of managing this. There will be.

The role of the GP pandemic

It comes as GP leaders were left “disappointed” by government support packages to support common practices During the winter they say, “little offer” to help solve problems within the profession.

The chief medical officer, who made an eight-hour round trip to attend the meeting, said: The biggest public health challenge in our professional career.

“It was really very difficult, it will continue to be difficult-I don’t need to sugar coat it at all-but the general practice is to challenge us not only to provide COVID care but also to kick us out. How to stand up On the issue of vaccination, and at the same time continuing everything else, was absolutely outstanding.

He added: We are not yet out of the forest, but it would be catastrophically worse if common practice had not done what it was. And it’s a very difficult time. “

Face-to-face consultation

In response to a question from RCGP Chair Martin Marshall about the balance between face-to-face and face-to-face consultations, Professor Whitty said that the profession has not yet reached the “optimal point” at which the average person is satisfied with the system. , Said.

He argued that the NHS should have moved to remote counseling earlier before the pandemic, but said: [into a] Some kind of painful gear change, probably too far away otherwise [towards remote consulting].. But that was the right thing … and we are much better at doing it now.

“Now, the pendulum is already looking back … [but] As a profession, we have to discuss with the general public and come up with what is right. [balance].. But we also recognize that what we are trying to do is to use the resources we have obtained in the best possible way. We also recognize that telemedicine solutions are better solutions for many patients.

Looking ahead to this winter, the Chief Medical Officer said: Unfortunately. It doesn’t matter if the amount of COVID is relatively low but important, or if it actually surges further in winter.

Professor Marshall also praised Professor Whitty for his leadership through the pandemic-and the Chief Medical Officer received a standing ovation from the conference representatives.

The CMO praises the GP’s pandemic response and warns of a “very difficult” winter.

Source link The CMO praises the GP’s pandemic response and warns of a “very difficult” winter.

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