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The Coast Guard commemorates the 200th anniversary of saving lives at sea

Coast Guards across the country are celebrating the 200th anniversary of services dedicated to saving lives at sea.

Founded on January 15, 1822, His Majesty’s Coast Guard expanded into its current form over the next 200 years, with 3,500 volunteers on 310 teams across the UK, supported by 10 search and rescue helicopters. I am.

To mark milestones, 200 slow lines, which are part of a standard life-saving kit, are cast by the Coast Guard across the country as a symbol of service dedication.

Tom Wright, an area commander in South West England, told PA News:

“We are much safer and have improved rescue capabilities. We are currently working on technical rescue.

“We are more dependent on technology as far as communications are concerned. New technology will be the key to moving forward when it comes to search and rescue and other drones that support drones (movement).”

In addition that volunteers and staff will continue to be the most important elements of the Coast Guard, Wright said: Without that labor force, we cannot do the search and rescue we are doing. “

Maritime Minister Robert Coates said: I feel very proud and humble in the continued dedication and professionalism of our staff and volunteers to ensure the safety of our beaches and everyone around them.

“The HM Coast Guard is the backbone of our maritime sector, and the country is grateful for its incredible workforce that continues to provide outstanding service.”

Originally established to combat smuggling, people began smuggling as soon as medieval taxes were levied on imports and exports, and by 1743 half of the tea drunk in Britain was illegally imported. It is estimated.

Smuggling has become very beneficial, but fears general violent retaliation against informants and income officers, even if smugglers are killed in corruption that allows them to avoid punishment. Leaving people alive.

In the 1790s, Henry Greathead designed the first lifeboat in South Shields and was immediately distributed to 20 locations.

Following this, in 1808, Captain Mambi fired a mortar and conducted an experiment to carry the line offshore to a disaster-stricken ship. The first life was saved using this method during the rescue of Plymouth Brig Elizabeth off Great Yarmouth.

In 1809, the Customs Commission formed a preventive water guard to fight smugglers on boats patrolling bays and coves across the country before being placed under the Treasury in 1816.

In the minutes dated January 15, 1822, the Treasury approved the return to customs and declared that the new unit should be called the “Coast Guard.” This has effectively become the “birth certificate” of the HM Coast Guard.

Coastguard was formed by the integration of three services established to prevent smuggling: Revenue Cruisers, Riding Officer and Preventive WaterGuard.

Claire Hughes, Director of the Coastguard, said:

To mark milestones, 200 slow lines that are part of a standard life-saving kit will be cast by the Coast Guard across the country.

“Nevertheless, we are far more proud of the people, volunteers and staff who have been striving to keep people safe on the coast and at sea for two centuries.

“We are always dealing with and will continue to deal with those who are suffering.

“This milestone is an opportunity to take pride in what we have achieved, but we have always looked to the future. We continue to look for ways to improve and save lives. I’m proud to be there.

“I’m proud of my dedication, dedication, and selfless sacrifice, and I’m proud of how the service continues to evolve.”

A Coast Guard spokeswoman said innovation continues within the service, including a £ 175 million upgrade to the country’s wireless network and the introduction of electric vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

She states:

“This service continues to adapt to change. Over the last few years, we have provided mutual aid and support to other emergency partners in the event of an event or incident.

“During the pandemic, the Coast Guard assisted the NHS and joined the G7 and COP26 in 2021 and was sought for assistance in the event of a national emergency such as a flood or water supply to a stranded driver.”

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The Coast Guard commemorates the 200th anniversary of saving lives at sea

Source link The Coast Guard commemorates the 200th anniversary of saving lives at sea

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