The first glance at Top Gear Antic in the future with a new trailer

Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris first saw the next series of Top Gear and realized they were having problems with airport customs.

In the newly released trailer, when you look for luggage and find speed guns, handcuffs, and oily boxer shorts, you can see the trio presenting them having an unpleasant encounter with customs officers.

The Motor Entertainment Show will return to the 32nd series, although the official start date has not yet been announced.

McGuinness (48), Flintoff (44) and Harris (47) were forced to explain the unusual content of the suitcase in the trailer, which will debut at BBC One after Saturday’s FA Cup Final, in a new series. I flashed back to the relationship with the shooting.

Things get worse when a non-humorous customer representative decides to cross-examine the show’s anonymous racing driver, The Stig, who is the fourth member of the Top Gear team.

The trailer will also be competing in the presenter’s swamp buggy race in Florida and the latest official American motorsport donc race, where classic American muscle cars have been modified to produce up to 2000 horsepower. You can get a glimpse of what you can expect from the series.

At the final event of Team Top Gear’s Florida Motorsport Adventure, you’ll be lined up on the grid of a heavily remodeled Ford Crown Victoria police car, equipped with all the power-enhancing nitrous oxide.

The newly released trailer shows the current trio facing problems at Airport Customs (BBC / PA).

When Flintoff turned the Sinclair C5, a one-seater electric car designed by Sinclair into a bobsleigh, before the Norwegian Lillehammer Olympic luge truck reached 60mph, the trio also saw the British inventor Circlive Sinclair. celebrate.

Last August, it was announced that the BBC Studios would move Top Gear production from London to Bristol.

It was also confirmed that Sally’s Dunsfold Aerodrome will continue to be used as a Top Gear Track, and that the series will continue to use movies shot around the world.

Top Gear will eventually return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The first glance at Top Gear Antic in the future with a new trailer

Source link The first glance at Top Gear Antic in the future with a new trailer

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