The government says jabs are not required for college students to attend lectures

The government is no longer considering mandating double vaccination for students to attend lectures in the UK, but they are still faced with being locked out of nightclubs without them. increase.

U-turn will come in a few days The minister could not be excluded A measure that requires two doses of the Covid vaccine to give college students direct access to lectures and hall residences.

on Monday, NS Revealed government plan This fall’s “Fresh Jab” campaign is one of many initiatives to promote young people’s vaccination.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab told BBC Radio 4 that he did not rule out requiring college students to jab as part of the push. today According to Thursday’s program, “a decision will be made in September.” He states: “We certainly make sure that college students have advance warnings. Of course, we will be aware of this.”

However, with growing opposition from students and backbench conservatives, this measure seems to be currently excluded.

On Saturday, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education said NS: “The government currently has no plans to require the use of the NHS Covid Pass for access to learning, but universities and FE colleges are encouraged to promote vaccine delivery and continue risk assessment for specific situations. need to do it.”

A spokeswoman said vaccination was important to keep the higher education environment safe when students returned to the fall semester, and students are strongly encouraged to receive both vaccine doses.

The reason for the backtrack is still unknown, but many conservative lawmakers have opposed the plan.

Criticism also came from the National Union of Students and the University and University Union (UCU).

UCU General Secretary Joe Grady said last week:

“Students need to prioritize vaccination to ensure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to be vaccinated by September, but it is a mistake to mandate vaccination as a condition for education. Yes, it is very discriminatory against people who cannot be vaccinated, and international students. “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that from the end of September, only those who have been vaccinated with both doses of Covid will be vaccinated. Night club..

In the UK, everyone over the age of 18 is vaccinated with the Covid vaccine for the first time, but in the UK, about 3 million people between the ages of 18 and 29 are not vaccinated.

The government says jabs are not required for college students to attend lectures

Source link The government says jabs are not required for college students to attend lectures

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