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The guy knew something was wrong when he had a hard time looking at the darts board

When the stars disappeared, his legs swollen, and his urine darkened, the man noticed something was wrong.

Mike Bello, 50, noticed him Calf size has doubled One day he bent over and took the cheese out of the fridge.

The doctor ruled out the infection, Deep vein thrombosis, However, soon his other leg “bleeded” and the swelling spread as the trapped fluid reached the “orange-sized” scrotum.

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I had a hard time seeing the darts board in my home game room in Northwich as the stars disappeared from the night sky, the car’s headlights turned yellow, and my night vision worsened.

Mike said: “There are few warnings. The following are almost awake, yellow and swollen. In my case I went to my doctor and he said. Failure. Go straight to the hospital.”

Up to 20% of heavy drinkers develop Cirrhosis, Also called End-stage liver disease, This is caused by long-term damage to the liver.

Although not alcoholic, Mike drank a lot and consumed about 100 units of cider and lager each week.

He went out for a drink after work, had six cans while watching soccer and cricket matches, and had a lively night on Fridays and Saturdays.

The news that he had an incurable illness hit him hard in August 2020.

Google already has a microphone Liver-related diseases He looked for a reason for the color of urine to change.

But he wasn’t ready to accept the truth.

Mike Bello wore the most baggy clothes for three months to hide the sudden weight gain that made her mother say she seemed “unrecognizable.”

Mike told Echo: “At that point I told the drinker’s mind,” I don’t want to give up drinking. If I give up drinking, my life was positively centered around it, so you should shoot me. ” Was there. ..

He added:

“Everything I do, you know, I go to football, I drink some drinks with young people, we go to curry. We go to pop concerts We have a drink before.

“How do you live? Even if you survive Physical illness, What will happen to life?

“You are completely and completely guts.”

Despite the urge to drink himself deep into the hole, support from his wife, parents, and the British Liver Trust helped Mike think more positively.

in the meantime Illness is not necessarily a death sentence, It causes fatigue and makes him susceptible to infections, the course of which is highly unpredictable.

Mike (50 years old) hospitalized during diagnosis in 2020
Mike (50 years old) hospitalized during diagnosis in 2020

Mike’s liver may improve slightly, or it may cause him to fail altogether.

He may live another 20 years until he is in his 70s or die before he can get Liver transplant.

The most terrifying moment of This illness Mike woke up confused and was taken to the hospital in February 2021, but was unable to answer questions such as where he lived and who his wife was.

A few months after he stopped drinking, the damage caused havoc in his mind and body.

Uncertainty pervades his life, Mental toll Mike’s financial blow away from his role as a senior manager at a software company.

Mike told Echo: “What can you plan? Can you plan a holiday? Can you plan what you want to do in a few years?

“It’s really, really difficult, and what you learn to do is say,” Well, I know I’m okay today, let’s do something today. ” It’s very difficult to live with it.

“Obviously, it brings its own mental pressure, because it sometimes comes down and faces. Mental problems, Depression, anxiety about what can happen.

“Anytime, when you wake up one day, you can bleed from your mouth through these varicose veins (varicose veins) and have a 50% chance of being taken to the hospital.

“There are quite a lot to deal with.”

Mike Bello, 50, and his wife have supported him throughout his illness.
Mike Bello, 50, and his wife have supported him throughout his illness.

Even if Mike gets a liver transplant, he still Immunosuppressive drug For the rest of his life, there was a risk of regular hospital appointments and his body rejecting donor organs.

There is no escape route Once the illness has settled.

Mike said: “When you have an alcohol-related liver disease, you don’t know you have it.

“I don’t know because liver function is fine and fine and keeps moving. Only when it’s really badly damaged can you really see something wrong.

“By the time it tells you-it’s not like an IT system with an early warning system-it’s kind of kneeling.

“You don’t get too many chances with it.”

It’s too late to get rid of the illness by the time you raise your head.

Mike would have had to reduce his drinking until 2015, five years ago. Symptoms Appeared to repair the damage done to his liver.

He states: “You really don’t want to go to that” knee decompensation liver “stage.

“If you feel you should be tested, go to the doctor.

“If you have swelling or dark urine, ask for a liver function test immediately.

“Let’s face it, NHS The guideline is only 14 units (per week). It’s a pint. Most people do it at night.

“So, if you think you’re drinking a lot, it’s worth trying to get a liver check and intercept this before you reach the really serious stage of taking your life for years. “

Mike wants people to avoid the same fate as him, but it requires people to manage their health and their drinking before the physical signs of the problem appear.

He said: “Don’t think you’re doing no damage because you feel good.

“And more and more people in their thirties get cirrhosis, so if you’re young, don’t assume you’re doing damage.

“Don’t think you’re doing no damage. Don’t think alcohol doesn’t bring results.

“You don’t have to be drunk. People think it’s a drunken illness-it’s not.”

The guy knew something was wrong when he had a hard time looking at the darts board

Source link The guy knew something was wrong when he had a hard time looking at the darts board

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