The Home Office has accused the RCGP of “threatening” the RCGP over the visa threat to the GP’s workforce.

RCGP Chair Martin Marshall said that if an International Medical Alumni (IMG) who has completed three years of GP training in the UK wants to stay in general practice in the UK after completing the training, he will contribute to both and be a significant bureaucracy. I wrote a letter to the Interior Minister Priti Patel warning me of facing the principle. And the NHS’s risky investment. “

The university chair argued that IMGs that had completed training for general practitioners in the United Kingdom should be provided with indefinite automatic leave. Until this happens, your visa will need to be extended by 3 months from the date you complete your training.

GPonline Earlier this month, the NHS after completing the training, as nearly half of the doctors who started GP training in the UK in 2021/22 are IMGs and most of the GP practices are not set as “visa sponsors”. Reported that it may be difficult to work in.

GP Resident

GP representatives from the UK LMC Conference also said that the NHS is an exceptional colleague when general practice is desperate to strengthen the workforce, as GP-trained physicians are not guaranteed to stay in the country. Warned that there is a risk of losing the band.

The RCGP letter explains that the GP is “at a disadvantage compared to doctors working in other specialists” because the IMG can apply for an indefinite vacation after staying in the UK for five years. Training in other disciplines lasts 5 years, while general practice is 3 years. This creates “significant administrative challenges” for physicians to “underestimate or feel anxious about the future in the UK” despite completing GP training in the UK.

The university warns that “hundreds of general practitioners” need annual assistance to find a clinic that can act as a visa sponsor, and gives all doctors who complete general practitioner training an indefinite vacation. I asked for what I needed to offer.

Professor Marshall writes: International medical graduates are an important part of UK general practitioners, and it is important to act now to help these doctors stay in UK general practice for extended periods of time.

Overseas workers

However, a spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said: Workers from abroad make immeasurable contributions to our NHS, continue to perform important services and help save lives.

“The trainee’s GP can use the time between the end of the training and the end of the visa to find and apply for a job.”

But Dr. Chandra Caneganti, president of the British International Medical Association, a general practitioner of Stoke-on-Trent, said the problem was serious.

He said the trainees recently said they plan to leave for Canada after completing training for general practitioners in the UK.

“We are spending money to train these GPs. A common practice in the UK is that there is a labor crisis and then it is causing problems,” said Dr. Kanneganti. He said providing a five-year visa to all physicians starting training for general practitioners in the UK is an “easy solution”.

Visa extension

He will lose them to the health systems of Canada, Dubai, Australia, and other countries that are more welcomed, unless the UK stops causing problems for doctors who are eager to stay and work on the NHS. I warned you to do it. GP Practice is currently registered as a Visa Sponsor.

The number of GP residents coming through the system is essential to the frequently repeated claim by the UK government that the number of “doctors working in general practice” is increasing-most of these doctors have previously visited the UK. If you leave, this claim will be greatly undermined. Working as a fully qualified GP.

BMA leaders blame the government Make misleading claims about the GP’s workforce. The number of full-time equivalent GPs in the UK has fallen by more than 700 in the three years to March 2022, but the government uses figures counting GP trainees to claim an increase in the workforce. ..

The Home Office has accused the RCGP of “threatening” the RCGP over the visa threat to the GP’s workforce.

Source link The Home Office has accused the RCGP of “threatening” the RCGP over the visa threat to the GP’s workforce.

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