The impact of the Bechdel test on the media

In 1980, cartoonist Allison Bekudel observed a frustrating trend in pop culture in most films. It was that they had only one female character, and when there were multiple females in the movie, their story almost always revolved around males. This concept was inspired by her friend Liz Wallace. This awareness led her to create a manga called “The Rule”.

“I only go to the movies if I meet these basic requirements. There are 1.2 females 2. Talk to each other 3. Talk about things other than men. This is Bechdel test..

This is a quantity test, not a quality test. The Bechdel test is not a way to measure whether a movie is a feminist. The Bechdel test is a tool used to pay attention to media inequality. Another tool with the same intent was a 120-movie survey by the Geena Davis Institute on Media Gender, where 31% of the designated characters were female and 23% were female protagonists or co-protagonists. It is clear that.

Now that you have a basic idea of ​​the Bechdel test, you can use this knowledge to test and watch a movie. The results are amazing and you may be disappointed with many of your favorites. This generation is doing pretty well on behalf of women and many other groups that were often ignored, but we can always be better.

The impact of the Bechdel test on the media

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