The Importance of Being Funny: Why Do We Need More Jokes in Our Daily Life?

The modern world and technologies have completely transformed our lives. We have become busier than we ever were. Stress, anxiety, depression have become very common today. Keeping the current situation in mind, it has become crucial to take some time out for yourself and have light humorous banters with your loved ones. What could be a better way of doing that than cracking some of the best jokes that can instantly make everyone laugh and provide a temporary escape from the realities?

According to a 2021 study, more than 74% or 3 out of 4 American adults are stressed out. This percentage is expected to rise this year. There are myriad reasons that are causing this mental health crisis besides the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused inflations, loss of jobs, and businesses all around the world.

Jokes can be quite useful when others around you are unhappy, worried, or going through a rough situation. They may feel better after hearing a joke.

 The most wasted days are those in which are passed by without any peals of laughter.”

Don’t you agree? But what are jokes? Let’s find out.

What Are Jokes?

A joke is a short story, comment, or idea with a buildup and a punchline that causes a sudden laugh to the listeners. It won’t be wrong to call it a quick enjoyment activity.

Jokes can have a vital impact on your mood. But not all jokes can make you laugh. It has to be the best jokes.

Joking has become a full-time profession today. You can see many standup comedy concerts, Netflix series on Comedians. But the truth is there is a hidden comedian inside all of us.

But are jokes that important to us? Well, laughing and sharing jokes do have numerous advantages. What are those? Let’s have a look.

What are some advantages of Jokes?

The benefits of laughing and sharing jokes are countless. It can make your life light and happy. Some of the benefits are:

#1: Beneficial for Health

Laughter and sharing jokes can have a very positive impact on our bodies. It has some significant physiological impacts that result in feeling relaxed. When we’re laughing or happy, the human body stimulates some happy molecules like serotonin that boost our immune systems. It also improves blood circulation, which benefits those with heart disease and other health problems. Not just that, a good burst of laughter and moments of joy with someone you love also results in releasing endorphins which are pain-relieving chemicals generated by the brain.

#2: Anti-Stress and Anti-Anxiety Treatment

The best cure for anxiety and stress is laughter medication. Jokes make us laugh and relieve aggravation by decreasing our resentment, melancholy, stress, and anxiety levels. Laughter increases blood pressure and heart rate, which together relieve anxiety.

#3: Improve Sense of Humor

Jokes and sharing laughs can improve your personality by sharpening your senses and tuning your capabilities. A personality with a good sense of humor has a positive impact on other people. It boosts your confidence. People who joke on a regular basis do not feel fear of being judged. They become expressive. Their company is loved by the people as their presence lightens the surrounding.

#4: Social Advantages

Jokes have a very crucial role in professional life as well. If we share our best jokes at the workplace, we can charm our clients, coworkers, or business associates, which can help us strike good business deals immediately. If one of your friends is furious with you, jokes are the simplest and most effective approach to resolve problems and strengthen bonds. It has been observed that persons who exchange funny jokes are more likely to form friendships and have a large circle of friends.

#5: Help in Learning

Studies show that people can understand new things better when they feel encouraged and have happy emotions. Laughter and good-hearted jokes are the most beneficial method to encourage learning. Good humor stimulates the brain part that is responsible for memorizing and storing information. The jokes that make the listener gasp with surprise sink deep into the subconscious mind and stay there for better than if it were a dull educational presentation filled with data, statistics, and more information.

Closing Thoughts:

The best jokes are those that surprise people and make it harder for them to control their laugh. However, while joking, one should never insult any group, religion, or race of people. Jokes are supposed to unite people and make bonds stronger. We hope this article has helped you to understand the importance of jokes and sharing laughter in daily life.


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