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The loophole in Pret a Manger means you can get a month’s worth of coffee and smoothies for free.

If you’re a Pret a Manger fan and want to get a month’s worth of coffee and smoothies for free, read on.

This is to let you know that there is a subscription service in the coffee and sandwich chain and there are loopholes so you can get up to 5 coffees or other drinks for free per day.

Who signs up for Pret Coffee Subscription ServiceIt costs £ 20 a month and is provided free of charge for the first month. moneysavingexpert.comOnce that’s done, you can cancel without paying a penny.

After signing up for the subscription service, you will receive an email with a unique QR code to scan at checkout when ordering drinks at the store.

A loophole means that you can get free coffee and smoothies from Pret a Manger for a month.

This offer is available at almost every Pret shop in the UK, with the exception of South Mimms Service, Charwell Valley Service, Rugby Service Station, University of Warwick, and Southgate Service Station.

You can have up to 5 barista drinks per day, but only one at a time, every 30 minutes.

This includes hot and cold drinks made by baristas, including smoothies, frappes, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and iced drinks.

Queue outside the Pret A Manger store
You can do this through a coffee and sandwich chain subscription service

However, it does not work with bottled or canned drinks that are available for purchase.

However, milk replacer, syrup, and additional shots are also included in the subscription.

Drinks cost around £ 1 to £ 3.50 per cup, so you’ll basically get a completely free drink worth around £ 17 a day for a month.What money-You save money, right?

If you want to use this service, you will need to enter your payment details at checkout, but you will not be charged until your next payment is paid one month later.

You can reportedly cancel at any point in the first free month before the renewal date and you will not be charged for the following month.

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These cancellations can be made from your online account or through the app.[サブスクリプションの管理]You can do it in the section.

You will also receive a free drink until the renewal date, so if you plan to do this, it’s a good idea to cancel earlier to make sure it’s done.

A loophole was made this week after a shopper explained how to pay £ 9 for £ 61 worth of Costa and Marks & Spencer merchandise.

Municipal manager Page Whysole said he used the Too Good To Go app to bag impressive bargains.

The loophole in Pret a Manger means you can get a month's worth of coffee and smoothies for free.

Source link The loophole in Pret a Manger means you can get a month's worth of coffee and smoothies for free.

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