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The man committed suicide in fear of a bill related to Glenfell’s cladding scandal

A 37-year-old man died in a “Glenfell” cladding scandal that still remains in buildings across the country.

Grenfell Tower’s aluminum composite cladding has been accused of playing a major role in how quickly and violently the flame spreads, killing 72 people.

The same type of cladding is used in several buildings throughout the UK.

Tom Mansell, 37, reports that he lost his life in the face of huge bills for four high-rise apartments he rented. mirror..

A family friend said worries about rising costs and premiums were a “significant factor” in his death.

Replacing only one cladding in his apartment cost £ 50,000.

His friend said: “Tom has a smiling, cheerful and cheerful personality, compassion and compassion, and enriched his life.

“But the burden of many unexpected bills and all the doubts and uncertainties overwhelmed him.”

Tom bought his first rental property in Leeds at the age of 21 and owned several homes in the city.

He borrowed money to buy four apartments in the Leeds Dock area, but later discovered that they were covered with flammable “Glenfell” cladding.

In one building, annual premiums for the entire block skyrocketed from £ 36,000 to £ 286,000.

Lease owners’ service charges have also risen to cover the cost of waking up watch fire patrols.

Tom wanted to sell his apartment, his friend said.

“His city center assets have become undesired, with high service charges and uncertainties about the cost and timing of fixing fire risks.

“He got stuck with huge costs and worthless property.

“The burden of uncertainty eventually overwhelmed him. It was an important factor in his death.”

Tom was found at home last December. The inquest verdict was suicide.

Hi Father Neil, 71, said: “I am very proud of Tom as a compassionate, compassionate, warm and friendly person. It will always be my lasting memory of him. . “

Lease owners were told by the Minister of Housing in April, four months after Tom’s death, that their home was “technically qualified.”

In February of this year, the Conservative Party promised to “fully invest” in the replacement of unsafe exterior materials for all buildings over 18 meters high.

Hilary Benn, a Labor Party member at Leeds Central, said:

“The cladding crisis is causing serious pain for many. Their homes are worthless, unsellable, and suffering from rising watch and insurance claims.

“And whenever they are afraid to be asked to fix a problem they didn’t create. The government must now act to end this crisis.”

Housing and community secretary Michael Gove described Tom’s death as a tragedy.

He states: “I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Tom Mansell’s family and friends. The pain of losing a loved one is immeasurable, and doing so in such a tragic situation is unimaginable.

“Everyone must be safe in the house and the lease owner must be protected from unnecessary costs.

“As the new Secretary of State, I am revisiting our work in this area and confirming that we are doing everything we can to help those affected.”

Campaign Group End Our Cladding Scandal said: “Our heart is directed at Tom’s family and friends. The devastation we felt when we heard this tragic news cannot be fully expressed in words.

“The constant fear and anxiety of living in a dangerous building cannot simply be exaggerated.

“A June 2020 mental health survey found that nearly a quarter of people are feeling suicide or want to commit suicide. More than a year later, the crisis is still there. I’m afraid the government may not be aware or understood that it has a devastating effect on the mental health of innocent lease owners. “

Activists fighting for justice for the three million owners of fire-risk apartments claim that there have been at least three scandal-related suicides in the last 18 months.

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The man committed suicide in fear of a bill related to Glenfell's cladding scandal

Source link The man committed suicide in fear of a bill related to Glenfell's cladding scandal

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